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Hey Head-Fi. I've recently gone tip-crazy, looking for, and buying tons of tips for my IEMs. I've got my eyes on a set of Shure tips (clear single, bi flange, orange foam, and soft flex). Would those tips fit something like the VSonic VC02 (short 4mm nozzle, great for deep insertion with stock tips), Brainwavz R1 (Medium length, smooth, 4mm nozzle, shallow insert), dbLogic EP-100 (medium length, 2mm nozzle, can be shallow or deep depending on tip) and/or the XKDUN CK820 (Short nozzle, 5mm, shallow insert)?


What is so special about the Klipsch Ovals? I consistently see them be quite favorable in the Head-Fi forums.


Monster Supertips?


I'm not too big a fan of foam tips, but that doesn't exclude them at all.

Already have Sony Hybrids


Other suggestions are very much welcomed :)