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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro related question

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Hey Everyone! 


First time poster here, I have been looking around for a good pair headphones for listening to music specifically HipHop RnB and Lounge/Chillout stuff while blocking outside noise while I work. My choices were narrowed down to the AKG K550 and the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, the Beyerdynamic's are easier on the wallet but all the positive reviews on the headphones is what skewed my decision towards the Custom One Pro. Based on my music preferences, do you guys reckon these headphones would be a good choice? I also had a question regarding the replaceable headphone cable, would any cable be interchangeable or does it have to only be a Beyerdynamic cable & if so does anyone know where can I find the cables as I was looking to buy one in red. Also what amplifier would you guys recommend as I need something portable that I could take to work as well in order to properly break-in the headphones and use it to it's full capacity. I am interested in the AKG K550 as well but may think about that later, I see a lot of mixed reviews on it so I don't really know what to make of it, just wish the cable on it was replaceable. 


Any help/feedback would be much appreciated.



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Beyerdynamic COP might suit you better, K550 is not as bass heavy as COP, also COP is way easier to drive.


I don;t think an amp will be a great idea, but if you are really flexible on budget, a jds labs CmoyBB V2.03R or the latest C5 can give you a very good sound.

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Thanks for the reply, so you think that the headphones would be sufficient enough without an amp? that's great if that's the case as I wouldn't need to spend any money on an amp, I was considering the Fiio E5 but if there's no need for it I'd rather do without it. Back to my original question, do you know if any headphone cable would be interchangeable with the beyerdynamic stock cable or do I only need to get their cables and if so does anyone know where I can buy them?


Thanks again!

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