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New headphones

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My last headphones broke and I am now looking for a new pair. I have found a lot of nice looking headphones out there but I'm having a hard time choosing. Can any of you guys recommend me a pair of headphones that are circumaural, comfortable, have good bass and under $65? No beats, skullcandy or anything like that. Thank you.
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I forgot to mention that I would like the headphones to be as durable as possible. Or if it canes with a case that would be fine.
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Koss Pro DJ100, DJ200 or TBSE. Sometimes you can get a good deal.
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Creative Aurvana Live! is a good option too for bass heads.

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Maybe a Sony MDR-V6. That's very durable.
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Originally Posted by semicoln View Post

Maybe a Sony MDR-V6. That's very durable.

I used to own a pair of these and they are very durable. They also have decent bass and the only thing you really need to worry about replacing are the pads and those will last you a couple of years before degrading.  Also I used to wear these for hours on end and I would be fine.  I think in the $65 range these are the best.  

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Change of plans my budget has dropped to <$40
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The Samson SR850, SR950 are great buy under this budget and they sound amazing with tight punchy bass, crisp clear mids, highs and often they compared to HD555.

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These are some great suggestions and thank you all for taking the time to write it all out. I will consider the choices. Also do any of you have any suggestions that also have some style. I want to be able to walk around and have the headphones stand out of the traditional black or white colors. Thanks
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Panasonic RP-HTX7
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Just wondering are there any not well known headphones that fit my criteria?
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how are the Superlux HD681? My friend suggested it to me and i want to know how good they are.

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The Superlux AKG rip offs are pretty good from what I understand. However, they are open or semi-open typically and aren't very heavy on bass.
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Jvc S500 or somic efi-82 Mt. Both are good with potential upgrades from easy mods.
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I recently bought a JVC HA-RX 900 for 55 bucks off Amazon and they sound great and are amazingly comfortable. I am still awaiting for my Audio Technica ATH-M50's to come which is out of your budget at 116 dollars.

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