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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

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Hi there, right now i have GS3 with CM10, and using PowerAMP, but i just have this feeling that the audio quality is not that grate as compared on iPhone 4S or 5


Just wanted to know your opinions? the one thing that i love about iOS is iTunes syncing music. still thinking on switching to iOS.

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I sold my Cowon J3 to get my S3... big mistake! The distortion coming out of the headphone jack during quieter moments was unacceptable. It sounds like a high noise floor but it's not constant... it changes volume/pitch etc (supposedly all androids have this). Then again I didn't think the Cowon was that great either...


I hate apple, that being said I bought my first apple device... an Ipod touch 5g and it is dead silent, has a low output impedence and sounds crystal clear. The thing also measures incredibly well. During my research it seem unanimous that the iphone 4s sounded better than the iphone 5 but I couldn't find a 32gig 4S and so I went with the ipod.


edit: s3 i747 version

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Thanks for the reply, any one else on any thoughts

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I'm not impressed with the IP5 at all, very average sound and woefully underpowered, especially compared

to my 3 year old Nokia N8. 

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hey kt66 i love my n8s sound quality.have u tried 808
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No, my N8 is my phone, the IP5 is a work phone, we have to have that phone, no choices


My contract is up in Nov, nothing new comes close to the features of the N8, plus

having 5 DAPs to chose from means the audio will not be next priority on a phone.


So I guess the camera will, so 808 will be one of the ones I look at

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Which GS3 do you have? The U.S. version is way different. The intentional version can run audio tweaks just like the GS1 of you use the right kernel.

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You may need to install Voodoo sound to get the full benefits of the Wolfson DAC. My Infuse 4g didn't sound that great with my stock kernel, but after rooting and install a new kernel I got all the benefits of the Wolson DAC plus other sound enhancements and tweaks.


Just check Voodoo Sound in the Play store to see if the SIII is supported.


EDIT: US version uses onboard Snapdragon DAC that is inferior to the Wolfson on the international version.

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Have any of you heard that supposedly all android phones have issues with background noise... something to do with androids audio api? and that the fault lies with android and not the phone manufacturers?

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I don't notice any noise with my Infuse 4G, although running the CM 10.1 Jelly Bean ROM does cause the sound to sometimes stutter which I didn't notice when I was running the official Gingerbread build. There is plenty of noise on my Galaxy Note, which runs an inferior Yamaha DAC.
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any more thoughts? 

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I recently installed Jelly Bam 7.6.2, which is a Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM consisting of CM 10.1, Paranoid Android and AOKP, and it includes hacks for AC!D, Sony's ClearAudio+ and Beats DSPs. The Beats DSP is basically a glorified THUMP THUMP booster that actually works quite well but can become nauseating on the two highest settings. The ClearAudio+ hack is a lot more interesting. It has a slider you can use to change the sound signature. A picture will suffice here.



I don't notice much change when I move the slider around while music is playing, but turning the feature off completely cuts the volume by about 30%. Whether or not the slider does anything, the sound quality of Galaxy Note with its Yamaha DAC is now on par with my Infuse 4G and its Wolfson DAC. Using PowerAmp with no EQ and all bass boost DSPs turned off, I really can't a difference between them now. It's very strange that a software fix will make two different DACs, on technically inferior to the other, sound virtually the same.

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