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I have Lambda Nova Signature and a HD800. I found the HD800 more musical and nice on the EC S7 than the LNS.

The LNS lacks bass impact, airiness and soundstage width compared to the HD800.


I have owned a SR507/SR007 and found the sound to be too upfront.


Regarding the SR007 I don't recommend if you want a headphone which are different as your Audeze.

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Hey Brac,


I assumed you wanted new.  


I've owned so much equip, designed so much, sold so much, as an industry member that  I've made a study of how people perceive speakers and what clues I could have gotten from those impressions after I've known the product.  A few professional reviews is not the way!  Trying to find someone who has similar taste as you and lots of experience can be good.  And, on forums, consensus is perhaps the most valuable tool.  


I suggest you read the HD800 thread from the beginning going backwards.  See how many comments there are about softening them up.  And see how many there are about getting more highs.....like NONE!   Compare that to your experience.  


Do the same for the Stax thread.  Then the same for the Koss 950.  I think you said you had LCD-2, so read that appreciation thread.  


Look for the most common "desires", as in "which amp will bring out the highs", or "which amp will get more bass", or "which amp will warm them up"  


Owners do not like to criticize their equipment, so get a clue about what sonic properties they want from their next DAC or cables or amp.  When you see something come up over and over and over again, you can bet that it is a general sonic trait of that set of headphone.


Tell me what you conclude.  I'll be very curious, and curious about what you end up buying.  

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Originally Posted by edstrelow View Post

If the HD800 is too bright for you I am not sure you would like any of the Lambdas as they tend to be somewhat edgy in treble.

I had the Koss 950's for several years.  The Koss amp is usable but not as good as a Stax.  But even with the Koss  run from a Stax amp, I preferred the Lambdas (404 and LNS) and I eventually sold the Koss. 

Tonally the SR003 is very listenable and can be had, with a Stax amp for less than $1000.00.   It is  a bit too recessed in the treble for some people but the recently released SR003Mk2 model might be  better in that regard.

My personal nirvana are Sigma/404's and Sigma Pros. You occasionally find  a Sigma Pro for sale. The Sigma/404 is a custom modded phone and is pretty rare. The tonal balance is somewhat like the 003 but with better treble, especially the Sigma/404.  However their real selling point is the more natural soundfield because the drivers are mounted away  and ahead of the ear and which is unlike virtually any other phone..   Both of mine sound good  driven by old SRM1 MK2 amps so you might get at least a Sigma Pro plus amp for under $2K.

You probably want to hear one at a meet before you decide that this is the way to go. 
Obviously not discounting how they may sound, but that SR-003 looks uncomfortable and the Sigma Pro looks really awkward and super ugly.
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Originally Posted by t-h-e-p-i-m-p View Post

Lambda nova signature/classic has the least etch of the lambdas (i've heard) they sound way nicer then 800's. 
Is that just one headphone or two different ones?
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2 different, Google search them.  But neither is made today so, given your preference for new, probably don't apply. 

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try look for 404LE is you could find it. I rate it on par with ESP950. It has a more toned down treble vs regular lambda and warmer sound. its actually my favorite mid end stax headphone. easy to drive too

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That's a risk all right.  I have it from Asia that these are the same guys as King's loudspeakers.  They have been spotty on many levels.  Not worth a debate as I export to some prior importers of the line so know first hand.  I've read conflicting posts on this with some sit's a different company but I hear from those in the industry that it's the same people.


How King's speakers handled repairs, spare parst availability, spare parts consistency of parts themselves, distribution, trans-shipping all spelled, to me, a company that does not care much about the long term.  

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if you have buy NEW. buy 307 or 407. 

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I like the Koss E950 system much better than the cheap Stax setups. The Koss is great for the $$ IMHO. I owned 2 of the Kosses in the past (I liked them that much).

They are very musical with nice just-right mids. I liked the Koss system better than the Lambda Nova/T1W system I owned at the same time (a little too much

grain in that stax system for me).

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I'm surprised no one mentioned the Koss lifetime warranty.  


Unfortunately you may need it with the 950, they have been known to have a few issues, like squealing.  If you do, Koss will give great customer service to get it right.

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Oh yeah, good point I absolutely forgot, but one of my pairs suffered from a low level squeal, but I got Koss to replace it. The other pair was fine.

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I agree with RGS9200 completely.  And I'm amazed I did not mention the lifetime warranty.  

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As long as you're kicking around options, you can almost stay under $2k with a Woo GES and some 407's.  Used, you could stay under easily and upgrade the cans. 


If you've got an amp that can drive it already, you could go with the WEE and probably get 007's.


Lot's of options available, that is for sure.

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Yes, lots of good options.  It could become paralyzing, as in paralysis by analysis.  The above option is valid.  And if you have a stereo amp a 407 pro-bias SRD-7 Energizer with pro-bias is a valid option.  


For my money, as the owner of many great speakers and some of the top headphones, I'm still with the deal on the Koss 950 when it pops up on Amazon...last time it was $800.  I think I bought mine for $700.  I knew I could return them, but no way once I heard them.

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