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Does my Fiio E17 suck?

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Is my E17 damaged?


I see. I have a question. Why does the headphone jack (3.5mm one) loose? For example, if I plug in my headphone into the Fiio E17 jack, I can turn the adapter smoothly. Also, if I reverse the e17, the adapter will come out of the jack immediately.



When I connected my headphone to this jack, there is no sound from my headphone. Even though there is sound from my headphone, sometimes I only heard one side (left or right) gives sound to my one ear. Therefore, Is my Fiio E17 damaged? Thanks.


Remark: My headphone is not damaged since I plug into my computer, and I heard both sound from each side of the headphones.


It is similar to the problem of td-driver





I was listening to my new Dt770's at work today through my E17. Somehow how I ended up turning around or something and yanking the headphones out of the E17. When I picked up the unit later something seemed loose. The headphones themselves were fine no damage. Turns out the stereo jack plug would move around just by touching it while plugged into the E17. Worse than that unless I hold the plug jack vertical when connected to the E17, I only get sound out of one side of my headphones. Does this seem like something that might be covered under warranty or am I out of luck here ? I bought the E17 through Amazon. Any help is most appreciated.

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Yeah, it sounds like force was applied to the headphone jack (possibly from torque on the headphone plug.) See if FiiO will repair, might be under warrenty.

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