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For Sale: PRICE DROP: Sophia Princess 274B rectifier tube

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For Sale:
PRICE DROP: Sophia Princess 274B rectifier tube

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling to fund another purchase. I have 2 sophia's so i am selling one of them. 


This one has been used for about a year in a Woo Audio 6SE amp. I would say about 1500 hours of use or so (i used my WA2 more often).


The tube is fully functional and should have a long life ahead (Sophia 274B has a life of around 9000 hours). Note: The tube 's glass and plate have darkened, however, this is normal for this tube and should not affect performance.



Price is $OLD anywhere in the CONUS. I accept paypal as payment, I will use UPS Ground to ship the tube.


no trades unless you have some nice 274b/5u4g rectifiers or tubes for WA2/WA6-SE

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Wow, can't believe this thing is still here. Great price and great tube. Wish I would have seen this before I bought mine.

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thanks! yeah, its good for someone looking to try a sophia out or that doesn't need a brand new one if they tube roll alot.



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bump dropped price to 70+ shipping.

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PM sent!

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