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Hey all,


Considering all our expensive headphone gear, some of us may be unintentional ramen consumers.  What's your favorite ramen?


Mine is, without a doubt, Yakisoba Cheddar Cheese.  Easy Mac is arguably better, but they get too close to Kraft Dinner and hence the comparison to real Kraft Dinner makes them sub-par.  Yakisoba Cheddar Cheese doesn't come close to any other non-microwaved Mac and Cheese - it's its own thing and hence just tastes better.


I like the classic Smack Ramen too, but they are easy to over-cook and a bit over-salted for me.


My Yakisoba setup is this:


800W microwave (solid-state, all the way), drain the water completely, mix in the flavor packet.  For Smack, you need to go full analog (gas or electric burner to boil water), carefully time your boil, and similarly drain completely and mix with flavor packet.  Have several beverages on hand as they will make you very thirsty!

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Check out the original Ramen-Fi thread:

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Ha!  I should have known someone would have beaten me to the punch!  This place is madness.  Pleasant madness, but madness all the same.

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