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Can't find the perfect headphones...Would love some help!

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Hi All,


So I don't know if I can officially categorize myself as an audiophile since oh man are there some crazy music lovers out there. =)  But I come pretty close.  I live in headphones whether its listening to music, watching movies, tv shows, etc.  I feel like I'm going through so many headphones, read a million reviews from every website known to man, and I still can't find one.


Headphones that I've tried:

1. Audio Technica ATH-M50 (I loooove the sound in these and they're pretty darn comfortable BUT they're too big for me.  The bottom hits my lower jaw and it gets quite annoying after an hour.


2. Beats Executive: Tried them for 10 minutes and returned them.


3. Beats Wireless: Was a gift so I tested them and yea...returned them.


4. Bose QC15: I have to admit, there are so light and sound is decent BUT they're a little big.  Not to mention that they get a bit fuzzy if I blast the music.


The only thing I like about the Beats are that they fit my head perfectly so I really debated on buying the Studios but I like all types of music, not just heavy bass and if felt like a lot of the mids were getting lost (but maybe thats just me). I can't do on-ear headphones because they wreck my piercings so I stick with overs. The QC15s dont irritate my piercings at all but for $300, I would like a pair of headphones that actually fit my head.  Am I out of luck?  The Audio Techs are perfect in sound and style for me...I just wish they could be a little smaller.  I contacted them to see if maybe there was an extra cushion or something I could buy for the band but there isn't :(  I don't care for noise cancellation but dont mind it either way.  


I would truly appreciate any and all help that you guys can give.

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You're most likely staring down the Audio Technica portable headphones...


Let me see if I can take a photo for you to see the size difference the M50 and one of the portable ones.

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Ty so much for responding!  I'm googling the portables as we speak.  :)  I can't believe I never went on these forums. There's soooo much information.

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Look into:


AudioTechnica ESW9A

Vmoda M80

Logitech UE 4000


Very best,

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Thank you! I'm guessing the Sony MDR-1R and RBT are too big? 


I'll look into the 3 you listed.  


Update: The Vmoda's are on-ear which I can't do due to piercings :(

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Maybe look at the Pioneer HDJ-2000. It fits a smaller/narrower head very well. There's also the Phiaton MS400 which would probably be on-ear for most, but if you have small ears it will fit just around. I have reviews for both in my profile. 

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Thank you! I'll be checking all these out and hopefully I'll find one :)


I bought the 1rbt's for now since i needed a bluetooth set and im surprised at how comfortable. They're a little big for me but its smaller than the audio techs.  Been wearing them for 5 hours now.  My piercings and I are all dandy :)  

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