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E7/E9 Combo

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Hi I currently use the Sennheiser hd 598 with a fiio e7. I really like how it sounds. Would it sound better if I used the E9/E7 combo? This might sound really stupid but is there an advantage to using a 1/4 jack instead of the 1/8 jack?

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It has nothing to do with the 1/4 inch plug. The E9 is a desktop amplifier. It is a much better amp than what is in the E7. Plugging the E7 into the E9 bypasses the amp on the E7, and uses the better one in the E9. So yes, it will sound significantly better. Make sure of a few things, though-

1. Are you currently using the E7 as a DAC+amp or just an amp? Is it connected to a computer over USB/optical/SPDIF? Or a portable device over 3.5mm audio cable? If you use the 3.5mm, it is only an amp at the moment, not a DAC. You would be better off buying a nicer standalone amp, in this case, rather than the E9/E7 combo. If you use USB, optical, or SPDIF to connect the E7, then the E9 is good.

2. Are you listening on the go or at home? You must plug the E9 into a wall outlet-there is no battery, unlike the E7.

If you are listening at home, from a computer, with a digital interconnect, the E9 will improve your SQ.

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