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Originally Posted by Retrias View Post

How would it compare to what I am guessing you would think as the best dap in terms of SQ right now , the HM 901 ?
I would honestly need to listen again.
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Actually, after listening to my AR-M1 for over half a year, I can safely say that it is great for most genres of modern music. From Leona Lewis, Celine Dion to RAMMSTEIN. Also, it sounds great with most Opening and Ending songs of those Mangas. As for classical, the AR-M1 sounds a little bit artificial when you listen to pianos. However, the flute sounds more lively and friendly.

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If you run your HM 901 with the "balanced output capable" amp module, it sounds better than the AR-M1. However, the AR-M1 definitely beats the HM 901 running stock amp module over driving stablility and output power. The HM 901 has a little bit more of detail over the AR-M1.

Also fyi, the HM 901 also suffers short battery life with the "balanced output capable" amp module. It can only play flac for no more than 5.5 hours. Still, a little bit longer than my AR-M1 running under low impedance mode which struggles to reach about 3.5 to 4 hours.

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Yep the battery is really short lived, but on the other hand the player is both small and powerful. Besides it can charge via USB if I recall correctly.
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Hi, thank you for the info. I live in Shanghai, can you please share the address of the ALO shop that you mentioned. Thank you!!

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Acoustic Research is re-launching it's audio brand comprising a professional audiophile range along with a mid-range selection of audio products. It is also launching 'AR for Her' a range of Consumer Electronics with the modern woman in mind (www.arforher.com ).

https://vimeo.com/92974735 and http://www.youtube.com/user/ARForHer if you'd like to take a look.

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One shop guy told me they will release M2 in this December.

Hope lower price, keep PCM179x DAC, support micro SD 64GB or larger.

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Hopefully the sound would be much improved and support for 24bit sources and DSD should be added. I have already bought the AK100 Mk2 which IMO is better sounded mostly than the AR-M1, and it has way longer battery life per single charge. It will be hard for me to choose between AK100 II (The third release of improved version of AK100) and AR-M2 then.

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Supporting higher bit number source or DSD, it must have external slot'(s) up to 128GB! :-)

Recently DAP information, images and spec., will be leaked a couple of month ahead though...

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Any ways, the iRiver AK series poses a serious challenge to any newly designed DAPs. They have literally set the standards. BTW any ideas about the SONY ZX-1?

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I agree "the standards" is price standard :-P 

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I can't agree more. Their flagship AK240 should be priced at $12k at most I believe.

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I found the article showing AR-M2 at Audi-Visual show in Hong Kong this August.

It looks run with Chrome OS!

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Oh, ok. At least it is not directly grafting an android. What you and I care about more is the sound and perhaps battery life too!

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