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resistor size problem

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Hi and thanks for reading this post.

I have a few blown one watt resistors i want to replace in my power amp and have been on mouser, digikey, farnell etc but cannot find sizes small enough.

I have just 8.5mm in width on the board so am thinking about using surface mount resistors as these are available in smaller packages.

Do you think this is a wise move switching from through hole to surface mount, has anyone done this and what are your experiences concerning sound quality changes.

Many thanks in advance. John.

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Going SMD if you can improvise shouldn't do any harm, I think.

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As long as the resistors you put in are rated at 1 W then okay.What you could do is parallel up some smaller wattage resistors to the value required [must be all same value  ] to spread the current equally over 120 OHMS-1W= 2 -240 OHMS at 0,5W in parallel.

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