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For Sale:
Shure SE530x6 6 driver reshell by Unique Melody - PRICE DROP - I can also handle the reshell from China

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I am selling my Shure SE530x6 as I also have the Miracles, and they sound close, and I use the Miracles more. These are Shure SE530 iems that were reshelled by Shure 3 months ago.


If you consider the total value:


SE530: 300$

Reshell and add 3 drivers: 469$

Total value = 769$


The reshell will cost you 169$ with UM, so for 619$ in total you will have an awesome custom with top quality and performance. I truly believe their performance is not far from the Miracles, but the sound signature is different. Punchier bass, warmer mids. But they also have great detail and awesome space and soundstage thanks to the additional drivers.


As an additional benefit, I CAN TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU. I am in China, so if you pay 619$ and send me your impressions, I will send the whole to UM very easily as they know me well, and have them send it directly to you. Any further issues with the fit you will have to deal with them though. Be sure to have top quality hear impressions. You will have to pay for any additional artwork of course.


Price for the Shure SE530x6 is 450$ by paypal. You have to add paypal fees.



  • A box for the iems
  • A cleaning brush
  • UM stock cables



Contact me by PM for more info or to make an offer. I WILL ACCEPT REASONABLE OFFERS.


I also have other cables:


  • The Beat Audio Cronus: add 250$

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