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Sol Republic Hd Or Sol Republic Ultra?

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I Can't decide which to get and i'd love to be able to try them but i cant so i'm here to ask for your opinion on the headphones I love the bass on the Beats Solos Hd and the sounds it makes. Will The Sol Republic Ultra Tracks offer me the same Sound as the Beats solo Hd's? or even better 

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Many consumers like the beats line of headphones for its bass. If you like the beats. stahp. im not going to give you an option that's not bass heavy, seeming that you like bass. So some cans worth looking at that of the quantity of beats but FAR more quality include:


aiaiai TMA-1

vmoda crossfade lp/lp2

sony mdr xb        series

ultimate ears ue-6000

M-Audio Q40

Shure SRH550 DJ

Yamaha PRO300

Phiaton MS 400

Audio Technica ath-M50


all of these are considered basshead cans and will definitly satisfy your bass needs. These all deliver bass that make the headphone vibrate when turned up. If you go more in detail of your requirements i can give you  more options. L3000.gif

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All of these are better than beats and sol republic headphones. 

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Yeah you're better off avoiding companies like Beats, Sol, Sync, Skullcandy, Bose, Monster, etc.

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Im looking for stylish headphones 

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I've never tried the tracks ultra but from what I've read it won't have as much bass as the solo. 

My advice to you is, if you like the solo and like the way it sounds than buy it.



The first Sol Tracks is the one with the V8 drivers and will give you bass similar to the solo

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Out of curiosity.  What is your definition of stylish?  Personally I do consider the Ultrasone HFI line up to be quite "stylish," and based on the amount of bass put out I would not hesitate to recommend them.  The HFI-580s are not only pretty good looking, but feel like they could take a few hits and come out unscathed.  


In terms of sound quality I was quite disappointed by the sound coming out of the Solos.  (Don't remember if HD or not)  I think the Ultra's won't disappoint you.  Still do consider a few of these other headphones.  A few listed I would personally consider "stylish."

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Yes the Hfi - 580's are very good (forgot to mention those). the yamaha's sport a very stylish look almost exactly like the solos hd. also the ue 6000,  tma-1,  vmoda lp/lp2,  sony xb line,  and the phiaton are to what i think more stylish than the beats. all of the others dont look quite as sleek and modern, but they sound absolutely awesome. All of these cans have bass that has much impact as the solos, doesnt bleed to much into mids and treble unlike the beats that absolutely drowns out both, and goes wayyy lower in the bass section. for the beats solos and sol republics you will get no impact below 100 hertz. it will also distort and seem cheap. all of the cans i have mentioned go into that low area and are absolutely stunning. they seem like subwoofers on your head except still have highs and mids. the beats and the sols are very very crappy except for style.

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I have the V10 Deadmau5 special edition, the V12 Ultras and the Original X3 Master tracks. I would. Say I like the sound of the V12 Ultras if you want energy and clarity to your music. The Master tracks for loooong listening sessions as it is detailed, warm and soo comfy . Doesn't have the transparency of the ultras though. The V10 's are better suited to modern music with lots of bass as it sounds kind of muffled when playing anything else.
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