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Sol republic Ultra's Or Sol Republic Hd's

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I really like the look of Sol Republic Ultra's But I heard that it lacks some bass compared to the Hd's I really like the beats sound and their bass will the ultra's offer me the same bass ? 

Or should i just grab the Sol Republic Hd's

I usually listen to music like Eminem and Pendelum and i really like to listen to dubstep and stuff with a really nice beat 

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Bump* I have to make a decision by today please give feedback 

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My honest suggestions would be to go to a place where you can audition both models, then make your decision.

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I can't get my hands on them and i am gonna order it today from amazon so i want to know which one would be better 

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Does Anyone Have any experience with theese headphones at all ? 

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I didn't care for either of Sol's you mentioned.  They were decent, but for roughly the same price I was impressed with the Monster DNA in-ears.  They have quite a bit more clarity in the low, mid, and high freq's.  They sound like what the Beats probably should have sounded like.  The bass isn't boomy, but they definitely have a clear bass forward sound.  The mids and highs are scooped, or subdued, to bring the bass forward but maintain their clarity and sparkle in a non-annoying way.  


Even more strange (maybe it's just me), but I picked up a set of the Monster Ncredible buds from Wally World out of curiosity and they have impressed me quite a bit.  Very neutral across the spectrum, nice sparkle, and good clarity.  They sound great with bass heavy music from Rap to Metal.  Maybe even a step above the DNA's in clarity (definitely in mid range) for less money.  However, for on the go I like the DNA's mic and controls better than the Ncredible's.   

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I have the V10 Deadmau5 special edition (orange looking one), I also have the V12 Ultras and the Master Tracks original. Sound wise. I kind of prefer the Ultras for the clarity and energy the the non strong clamping force. Not that the others have mind you but less pressure on the ears the better for long listening sessions. The Master. tracks are the most comfortable for me though with the larger earcups that fully enclose my ears. I believe the master tracks are the most. Well behaved in terms of sound quality to the three. The sound is detailed, warm, nice soundstage, mids are just right with the trable not as pronounced as the Ultras. For Loooong listening sessions this is what I would recommend. It's just a non fatiguing coming from those X3 drivers. Now the V10's Deadmau5 look to me the most modern and eye catching due to the design. Golden orange, fluoro orange and various other colours make these headphones a stand out in the crowd. The sound is definitely suited to music with bass, in other words pop and modern music. Playing anything acoustic or vocals or anything that has multiple instruments will make ur music sound hollow at least to my ears. Now in saying this, I have a $600 Class A Headphone amp that when I plug the V10's Into, the sound kind of turns into the Ultras, and the Ultras jump up another level in sound quality and the Master tracks kinda turn more refined and resolute and smooth. So what I'm saying then is that these SOL republics benefit from an amp tremendously.
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