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Hi, I'm three days researching every detail about the JVC HA-RX900 (moded or not) and Panasonic RP600s. I can not get to a position. 
I'd like to know about the quality of the two. I use 40% music (metal, pop rock, jazz, acoustic, trance, dance), 40% for TV shows, 20% for games (shooters). Good isolation.
I like clean bass - with good texture. Sub-bass if possible. Mids quite noticeable (i study english pronunciation listening music) and trebles not squeaky - shrill - sibilant.
I would like a Denon D2000 or (DT 880/HD 598) or K550 or A900X reading about sound signatures. But money is short at the moment and my excellent Brainwavz HM5 stopped working the right side. I wait a good buying opportunity for drivers 40 - 42mm (broken headphones).
Someone can help me decide by Monday? I need a good and cheap headphones, urgent.