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This is kind of surprising to me- is HRT going to support 24/192 over Windows at all, or is 24/96 the cap with this device? Other companies release drivers for the device specifically to support 24/192 in Windows usually on a CD or as a download from their website. For example, the Wyred4Sound uDAC-HD, although without the balanced outs of the HRT, has a 24/192 driver for the XMOS USB chipset available for download from their website.


Although many in the computer audio community understand that Windows is limited to 24/96 "native" while Mac/Linux can support 24/192 "native," it looks like from the materials on HRT's website that you could reasonably expect to achieve 24/192 on Windows...kind of wish there was a disclaimer or footnote explaining this, especially if there is not/will not be a driver available.


Did Kevin mention anything about developing a driver for 24/192 over Windows, or am I missing part of the communication chain?

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hmmm......since it is a new product they are probably in the process of getting the drivers for windows in place......I guess you can either ask Kevin if there are any plans to get the windows drivers or probably return it if 24/192 is vital to you. 

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Latest exchange:


Hello Kevin
Does HRT plan to release a usb2.0 driver
specific to the chip in the HD so we can get 24/192 as other DAC makers have done
or is 24/96 it under Windows?


His reply @ 1122 hrs:


Thank you for your follow up email.  It is our policy not to make any announcements in advance to a release so for this point in time, I can't comment on our future plans.

Kevin Halverson
High Resolution Technologies, LLC
I'm a little confused. No announcements in advance to a release. The product was placed on the market w/ no documentation and insufficient support to have it operate as they indicated it would, and should. If the drivers are forthcoming or never coming should be known by anyone contemplating purchase, not blindsided after the fact. Which is a shame, because it sounds very,very, good.
Not sure yet what I will do. If I knew for sure they will eventually have a Windows specific driver I would keep it in a heartbeat. But I need to know. Can't understand the deceit or the secrecy.
Anyway, Cheers for now                                                          Crazy Bill
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It is very hard to believe that they don't already have a driver being developed....however it is an unfortunate situation for you

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not just him.


me too am using win pc and good to know that this item cannot handle 176 192


a lot of dacs in the region of usd300-500 already have their win 32 64 drivers 6 months or a year ago.  eg my firestone iltw still working properly and going strong. just that i had the music streamer II before that and would like a hrt product that can handle 176 192.


well just have to wait and see. hrt cannot squeeze out win pc users out

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There are a number of Windows drivers out there that allow 192khz audio signals to pass via USB 2.0.  These would include a driver provided by Meridian for their new Explorer DAC, a driver for a hi-res Ayre DAC that uses a driver created by Thesycon (Streamlength USB driver, version 1.26) and drivers from M2Tech for their hardware that is also used by other companies for their DACs (the JKDAC32, for example).  A Google search will yield others, the issue of course is compatibility of the drivers with the HRT MSHD.  I suppose one could experiment by downloading and installing the drivers and seeing what happens.  I imagine at some point HRT will provide a driver and that will be that, but until that happens it is surprising that a company like HRT would allow it's PC/Windows customers to not be able to utilize the full capability of its new product.

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How ironic as a Mac guy that I'm listening to Windows peeps dealing with driving issues.  I can't believe that anyone would put out a hardware product without drivers for Windows.  They'd be crappy drivers, because...well, Windows...but STILL.....

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A pre review blog entry in absolute sound and of course he used a mac....


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Yeah, saw that one when I was surfing contemplating the purchase. I'll have to make sure they're aware of this development for their review. Maybe Halverson will be a little more forthcoming about a future driver release with them.


That said, I'm sending it back and have decided to up the ante a little to the $ 850.00 mark. I've got it whittled down to two contenders:


The Teac UD-501 and the Schiit Gungnir. Anybody got any thoughts or experience on these two ?



Cheers,                        Crazy Bill

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Just left a comment on the Absolute Sound blog by Neil Gader.

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Originally Posted by crazy bill the eel killer View Post

Just left a comment on the Absolute Sound blog by Neil Gader.

Great....I think its important for consumers to take informed decisions....I hope he mentions this in his review

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review from the absolute sound?


is it a review? no mention of the omission of drivers for 32 64 win?


the reviewer should be fired

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the reviewer neil gader stated:


""The Music Streamer HD uses high performance asynchronous USB transceiver, differential current mode conversion, and a fully differential signal path. Getting up and running is a breeze. Since it employs native Audio Class 1.0 or 2.0 drivers (available in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers), just select the appropriate audio class via the Music Streamer HD's front panel switch, connect it to your computer via the included USB cable and connect the audio outputs to your audio system (RCA or XLR). Then select the HD as the default audio output in your computer’s audio sound preferences. LED indicators display the current sample rate (44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, 176k4 & 192k), the bit depth (16 or 24), and the state of the mute circuit. On my MacBook Pro I typically go into the Audio Midi setup and select the resolution I’m using. The same goes for PureMusic’s audio setup program where after selecting the sample rate I always restart the software.""


no use of win pc to verify the application of 176 192 files

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You would think he should have verified Windows compatibility in his review, but I've read other reviews by other reviewers guilty  of the same thing. In addition, he stated ( in error ), that the unit used native audio Class 1 or Class 2 drivers. Windows does not natively support USB 2.0, which is why other DAC manufacturers are extremely willing and very clear about the fact that there are Windows drivers available ( none needed for MAC OS ), usually on their website, for USB2.0.


HRT should have been forthcoming about this lack of support in Windows and included a blurb in their advertising lit., including whether a driver would ever be available and if so, when. we'll see what happens, as Gader stated he was going to pass the info I posted on the blog to HRT.



Cheers,                          Crazy Bill

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I wanted to thank you for attempting to grease the gears with this.  I've been struggling for a week trying to figure out how to get this thing working with 192/24.  I must have re-read HRT's site 10 times thinking I was missing something obvious.  I sent a message, but unlike you, I still haven't gotten a response.  I can't get it working in 2.0 on windows 8 or linux (mint and ubuntu).  I have no intention of buying a mac at some point.  After finding this thread, I'm less frustrated now but disappointed seeing others with the same issue.  I love the way this thing sounds, but I feel a little bit like I got swindled.  Everywhere I've seen this listed for sale or reviewed it looks like all frequencies are supported on pc, mac, and linux.  I do hope a driver is released soon.

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