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iems with inline mic

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I'm looking to buy iems withvan inline mic, I have a Samsung Note 2, music control is not a must budjet is 150. Those I'm looking at now are

Westone TS1
Klipsch s4a ii android
Beyerdynamic MMX 101 ei
Shure Se215 with inline mic cord

I like a well balanced sound no big bass no shrill highs.
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Klipsch S4 bass tends to bloat into the mids, lack details in the highs.

Shure SE215 has bass, but isn't overwhelming, imo, and can be reduced with eq. Highs aren't sibilant, but could have more detail. They might suit you quite well of you tone down the bass and up the highs slightly. They're mid-centric. I love mine.
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dont they have issues with the cable connectors

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The early batches of SE215 did. They don't anymore.
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Well that's what I grabed, was going to go over budget and grab some ue900 found some really cheap but couldn't validate the extra money. I really like the se215 so I'm good for now.
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