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Best Sub-$100 1m USB? 1.5m?

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I have been looking into getting a slightly longer USB cable than came with my audioengine D1, but the seemingly high-quality Chinese cable I have just plain doesn't work. Like at all. So I am looking into getting a 1m or 1.5m quality USB A to B cable so that i can move the A1 from sitting on my computer to sitting on my desk. I am looking to spend less than $100.


I am seriously considering this cable:



and also this cable:


which i can get the 1.8m length for less than the Pangea cable.







there are also these:


however, these appear to be cheaper, and may lack proper shielding. 



Audioquest also makes a couple that would fit in the price range, but for some reason i am not really interested in their cables.



another option would be to build it myself.


I may already have some good silver plated copper wire, but would want to purchase the connectors, shielding, and hopefully some decent-looking sleeve for it as well.

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Just curious. What problem are you having? And have you tried Monoprice? They make some pretty solid inexpensive cables.
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the best one you can get is one that works - i second the monoprice recommendation, no need to break the bank on usb

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Any reasonable quality cable will work. Bits are bits. Another vote for monoprice here. Spending big on a digital cable is a waste, save the other $95 for somewhere in your chain that can be improved
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

Just curious. What problem are you having? And have you tried Monoprice? They make some pretty solid inexpensive cables.

I want to move my dac/pre on top of my desk rather than on top of my computer, but my longer USB cable gives me errors when i use it with my dac. one of the errors is that the USB device has malfunctioned, and the other is that windows cannot recognize the USB device. i get neither of these with the included USB cable. I believe it has to do with too thin of conductors for the +5v and ground leads, so the device is not getting enough power to function. 


The cable i was trying to use is a gigaware 6ft. cable that seems to be thick and well made. I was almost certain it would work.


i agree that bits are bits. i just kind of wanted something with really good shielding and a pretty outside cover.

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I've had problems with some devices not liking longer USB cable runs. No fun to try to find one that works. But typically my problems have been with a cable that has to provide both power and data.
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I would try Monoprice first. If it doesn't work, you're only out a few bucks.


Having said that, after reading the following (



The USB 2.0 specification requires cable delay to be less than 5.2 ns per meter (192,000 km/s, which is close to the maximum achievable transmission speed for standard copper wire).


It might actually be beneficial to use the cable with the solid silver conductors for data transmission (the green / white conductors) since silver is more conductive than copper. This could make a difference over lengths that are at or near the maximum of the spec if your kit is picky. Unfortunately, I have no firsthand experience with this, so take it with a grain of salt.

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i think the difference is so small that it doesnt matter for digital transmission, unless maybe if you are pushing the limits of the length of wire it is possible to use for USB.


these days while money is tight i would rather spend the money on silver plated copper to use for my speaker wire and RCA interconnects, which i will make myself. 


i have been looking at making my own USB cable, but the connectors that are available for a reasonable price look cheap, and the DHC connectors are 10 bucks a pair, which seems excessive, since i like to mess up a few times before it get it right. lol

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USB cables tend not to need big bucks. Yeah, put a little money into something that's well-made, but $10-$15 will suffice in that area.


That said, I do have a Formula 2 that I quite like. Is it better than my cheap cables? Sonically, not that I can hear. Construction-wise? Absolutely. They look pretty cool too. Hence why I was okay spending a little more on it.

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I have to admit that I really do like the various Monoprice USB cables I have tried. They are heavier duty than some of the cheapies I have gotten off Amazon. For example,

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+1 for Monoprice.
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