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For Sale:
Decware Zen Taboo MK2 + Vcap upgrade + headphone jack *Added pictures*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

it is in full working condition with black figured base.  Great amp! But I need convenience and to downsize a little for personal reasons.


Will ship tubes separate from Amp package to preserve them.



If you want to stop bye, say hi and pick it up your welcome to as well!  If your in NY I can play delivery as well~  As long as its not Queens(tolls, and what not).  Obv there will be no shipping costs in that situation.


Also have a headphone connector, as I bought these for my LCD-2


This amp has burnt in vcaps well over 300 hours, and took 6 months of waiting.  I Love it, really I am having second thoughts but then my OCD kicks in and is telling me to downsize.


Its a grade above everything else I have ever used, it truly is a one of a kind amp.  The folks at decware are also amazing people.

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