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IMO LCD_02 sound close to Grado house signature(very natural sound of real instruments like Indie, Rock, Country, Vocal) but with little more emphesssis on bass, so LCD_02 is warm rich in mids(very detailed)and deep punchy dynamic bass, clear highs but not too extended and realy wide soundstage. I will highly recommend the Klipsch Image X10 because it's sound warm like LCD_02 and has deep reverbing heavy bass, crsip clear mids, highs and fairly wide soundstage(sound same or very close to LCD_02). JVC FX700 are also very close to LCD_02 soundsignature with deep reverbing heavy bass, very detailed mids, extended highs and realy wide soundstage with overall natural warm soundsignature(natural instruments sound so good on these). BTW bass, soundstage, mids are realy good on these FX700, Klipsch image X10 and they sound almost same LCD_02.

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Originally Posted by Yoga View Post

Br777 - any chance of sharing the tweaks?

i had unsubscribed and hadnt seen this...

thats a complicated subject.

in short - no, i dont have them anymore.


a slightly longer answer is that both the lcd-2 and es-5 are great headphones that could use some improvement (by improvement i mean getting closer to a true neutral and thusly more accurate and balance sound) with the proper EQ.  Any headphones could use improvement with EQ but these two happen to respond VERY well to it if you know what you're doing.  


the easiest way to accomplish this is to use the Golden Ears accudio app.

here's my thread about that -The Accudio app by golden ears, a headphone revolution.

and here's a thread I made that expands the accudio settings into other eq's for es-5's -

Westone ES-5 Neutral Eq settings - updated 3.9.13


my point to all this is that these two headphones are in the same leauge of excellent sound, and have the potential to sound very close to each other, whether via the accudio app, or by simply tuning them to sound closer to each other.  Granted IEM's and Giant open ear headphones are never going to have the same sound or "feel" to them no matter what you do. 

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The GR07, JVC FXZ200, UM3X, Sony EX1000, SM3, Grado GR10 offers solid bass, great midrange details, clear highs and few offers wider soundstage.

Those I've heard from your list don't sound much like each other nor all that much like the LCD-2.  Closest might be the FXZ200s, which I own, and like very much - but they definitely do MUCH better with an amp. 

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