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So are they more enjoyable than the  much praised hd25 II 1 ?

I'm not  a fan of the hd25, I don't like the congested soundtage, and their bass.

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I loved that the cable is removable and even better that you can plug it into either side.  Absolutely every headphone company should shamelessly rip this idea off right now!   I had never thought of it before but it seems such an obvious thing to do so hats off to yammy for that.

Hats off to Yammy for doing what other headphone companies have done. You just didn't know of them. I don't have to give out any examples, because obviously, one quick search should do teh trick.

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Well I have just purchased these, should see them in the mail in the next week or so.  I think they are exactly what I am looking for.  I tried ( and still have) the aiaiai studio young guru's but while they are supremely comfortable and have a nice dark sound (which I like), they do not have enough detail and resolution for me.  Not enough depth in the sound, either.  They have good mid bass, but just seem to be lacking ... something.  I keep putting them on wanting to love them, and I auditioned them extensively with other phones but after a few weeks....Meh.  Hope fully these will do the trick.  


Not a cheap passion, this.

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well its cheaper than speakers :bigsmile_face:

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except I only have a couple of pairs of speakers....probably more than a dozen headphones/earphones :rolleyes:


Read an interesting Amazon user review where he compared them extensively to the ath-esw9 (which I have).  Not sure but I am pretty sure that he came away thinking that they were pretty similar.  I find that very hard to believe.  Different size drivers, different cup shape and clamping force (my esw9's just sit comfortably on my ears, there is not a lot of clamping force), the esw9's are supra aural, different manufacturer, driver, etc.  I mean, I had a large interest in speakers before headphones and the variations in sound from speakers from the same manufacturer was dramatic.  I guess he was comparing them more in how much he liked them and presented the music, but still....quite different phones.  He was also comparing them to his yamaha eph 100 (I think that's right), which are earcanals.  

Sigh, just shows you got to take every review with a grain of salt....and sometimes a valium.

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well yes, but speakers you can spend a whole boatload more on.


as for reviews, well the key is read several from the same person.  you get a feel for how they hear things and once youve read a few reviews by that person of things youve heard too really lets you narrow down how they hear things in comparison to yourself.  reading a review form someone youve never read anything else from means you have no baseline for comparison.

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good point, Mark.  Do you still have these cans?  how are they holding up to the rest of your collection (I assume you have one).  Currently listening to my ath esw9's ....  and they are pretty good, but I would not say they are great.  Using a cowon d20.  Generally I only use portables to run my phones, not into using amps and such ( I have an fiio e7 but it is collecting dust at the moment).  Do you feel that these open up more with more power or it is a negligible difference?

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i dont unfortunately, they were only loaners so wont back to Yamaha.  however i have thought about buynig a pair a few times.  i only haven't because i have too many as it is and that i never actually wear big over ears things. 


as for amping, while they benefited they still sound really very very good even just out of my phone.  much better than i thought such big cans would.

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Well I finally got these and they are excellent. Only just fit but they are at least comfy!
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glad you liking them

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In the meanwhile the pricetag of 400 Euro in Germany went down to 250-260 Euro, and so are others if the sales are less than expected, so just be Patient and wait till the Price go down. I will buy them as I have EPH-100 and like them very much. As a fan of prog and rellated Musics I like to have a great bass Sound in my cans, so for me they will be ideal, for use at home.

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btw, these headphones (yamaha pro 500) are now widely available for $300 or less... also the HiFiMan HE-400 are on sale for cyber monday for $300. If I had $300 to blow, I know what I would personally pick.


I feel bad for the ppl who bought these headphones at the original retail price as it appears to me that these headphones were pretty obviously marked up a lot at launch (considering the pro 400 model w/ identical specs minus aluminum earcups retailed for a full $100 cheaper).


At $300, the pro 500 may now be a reasonable choice as they are at the normal mid-range portable over-ears price point, but at their launch price, I personally thought that they were a rip-off considering the just as high quality but more affordable alternatives on the market.

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What does this learn us? We shouild not buy to fast,in many cases the Price Drops, there is another example, the Philips Fidelio X1 wich normally came on the market at 300 Euro Comes now at 199 Euro and this cans are easiliy on the same Level soundwise as the Yamaha´s .In Terms of luxury they are on the Level of 600 + Euro cans, so just be Patient and wait for the right Moment to buy:-)

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The Yamaha Pro 500 looks awesome in blue. For those who does not know, it is the same blue color on Yamaha's YZF-R1 and MotoGP bike:


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I know, but altrough they sound exellent, the style and Color are not every man's taste, not mine either,altrough I like Yamaha motorcycles.
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