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JH16 Design Comments

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I'm thinking of getting the JH16 and want to get some general feedback on the looks of the design.


How do they look? I'm not good at designing so if you guys have anything to say, it's appreciated.

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I like the overall composition and use of color, though the "dirty" aspect of it----the smudge marks---are a bit iffy for me. Makes it a little too busy, particularly on the left side. If you could dial them back a bit (more like the right side) I think it would look better.


As it stands however it's not a bad look.

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Thanks, I thought so too but I designed this using JHAudio's software so I didn't get a chance to clean it up myself!


A couple of people said the shape looks strange. I guess they've never seen CIEMs before, haha.

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The left one looks like a bird

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