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Telefunken TH 900

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I found an Old headphone at home a Telefunken TH 900 and I want to know about it's sound quality or it's cost

I use and E11 as an amplifier for my Galaxy Note 2 and it seems that it has a Low Volume
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It sounds like you've got a pre 80's/70's headphone with a 600 ohm (or thereabouts) resistance.


You'll need a more powerful amplifier to get them running properly. 
A standard stereo speaker amp with a headphone out should be powerful enough to drive them well.


Sound quality is a mystery - that's where you come in. If you can take photos of the actual drivers that should tell us more.

If they're merely paper-cone speaker drivers, they probably aren't great, and then they aren't worth so much money. If however they are in mint condition, even with paper speakers they may be worth something to a collector. 

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Hello Head-Fi-ers!


I am new to these forums.


Some weeks ago, I acquired a pair of these vintage Telefunken TH 900 cans. I believe they topped the Telefunken headphones product line somewhere in the 80's. Hardly any info is available on them on the internet, not even a picture.


I do know that Telefunken used OEM drivers in their headphones, like they used PMB8 driver for their TH 700.


Does anyone here know who OEM-ed their TH 900 driver?


I cannot post images in my first posts, so here come two links to picures of the driver and my cans (pictures were taken prior to complete disassembly and cleaning, including the diaphragm itself):


Link to a self-made picure of my TH 900 cans: Link


Link to a picture of the driver: Link


Any help would be appreciated!





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Originally Posted by szerecsen View Post

 Hardly any info is available on them on the internet, not even a picture.



There is, actually, in the old wegavision archive: http://telefunken.pytalhost.eu/1980-2/telefunken80-53.jpg

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Very interesting driver... the diaphragm itself is almost like a Koss Pro4 series drivers diaphragm.

It's quite distinctive, I hope someone else recognises it.

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How does it sound, with this "aluminium-sandwich-kalotte" driver that supposedly should have given good highs?

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Thanks a lot for the broschure picture! I' ve been searching for one for some days now. Now I got the complete specs, thanks again!


It sounds very strong. Got some 50+ headphones, most of them are from the 80'-90's, but this is something extraordinary. I am running it on a huge C3M diy tube amp, and hell, it is strong. The magnet there is 40mms in diameter! The driver piece that you see on the driver picture - with the plastic casing - is 50mms in diameter exactly.

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Well, OK. I knew I've seen this headphones design somewhere earlier on.


As I see now, this Telefunken TH900 equals - largely - both in design and in driver to REVOX RH3000.


2x400 OHM, very similar exterior, round metal ring: here


Driver outlook with grills: here


This RH3000 (and so TH900) certainly has to do nothing with the REVOX RH3100, that is a 600 Ohm Beyer DT880.


Some further research findings: there were some other products in Telefunken history, where this ASK (aluminium-sandwich-kalotte) expression occured, namely Telefunken SL750, SL1000, RL1500, RL2000 loudspeakers. Might this mean that TH900's driver is one of Telefunkens own? Those were magnetofluid speakers, too...


So, still looking for some help here! Anyone with information on the manufacurer of this driver, please, post a reply!





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