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Having trouble figuring out what I want in headphones. Have a $100 budget

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So I've started coming to site more frequently over the past few months for people's opinions on various sets of headphones (it's been both a blessing and a curse, lol) I can never seem to fully grasp what people talk about when it comes to the different levels of the sound spectrum, especially the "highs". I bought some Vsonic GR02's a while back after reading some reviews on here praising its bass, mids and highs. After testing them myself I really ended up disliking them. The "highs" were really harsh to my ears (so much so that when I took them out of my ears, everything on the outside sounded muffled). The rest was fine, although the low end could have been more prominent for my taste. They weren't nearly as bad when I had them around 60% volume but that wasn't really ideal for me as I like my music loud and fun. I also have the Audio Technica ad700's and these sound much better when compared. The highs aren't anywhere near as harsh, the mids feel nice to my ears, however the lows are REALLY unsatisfying. I'm assuming closed cans are something that'd be better suited for me considering I strive for sub-bass in my music.

With that said, what headphones would meet my need for deep, clean bass and relaxing highs for under $100? The soundstage doesn't really matter since I already have the ad700's

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First of all, you should totally reconsider how you listen to music. 

If you continue listening to music loud, you won't be enjoying it for much longer, and no headphone will ever satisfy your permanently damaged hearing. 

This is probably why everything sounds muffled after a listening session - that's your hearing being damaged.


OK, back to business.

As you mentioned closed headphones generally have trumps on bass, in volume and extension, although this isn't a fixed rule. 

I'm wondering if something like the Sennheiser HD 429 might be what you're looking for. Plenty of good quality bass with good extension and smooth treble.

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Well the vsonics are the only earphones I've ever had to turn up to that volume for me to try to enjoy them. I don't have that muffled effect with any other headphones I've ever used. 

Would these be close to what I'm looking for?
They're around $100 refurbished. I think they're open though.


From what I've read Sennheiser's usually have a warmer sound which I think may be what I like, although I wouldn't know seeing as I've never tried any pair of Sennheisers.

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HD 558's are open cans and probably won't satisfy your needs if you are looking for deep sub-bass. I have the 598's that are the 558's big brother. (558's are supposedly a bit bassier, but prob not enough to satisfy your needs). Highs on 5xx's are nice, not too harsh, mids are great, overall sound is pretty clean and enjoyable. Bass is tight and extends pretty well, but sub bass doesn't hit real hard compared to some other closed cans. The bass is enough for me, but I listen primarily to jazz, vocals and indie music so I don't consider myself a basshead by any means. If you are looking for bassy cans I would look elsewhere.

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You can get the Audio Technica ATH-M50's now for as cheap as $100.

They produce really nice extended deep bass and would suite your needs perfectly.

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I've heard a lot about the m50's on this website. Honestly, they've been what I've been looking at for the longest time now since my ad700's didn't disappoint for what I wanted them for, I assume the m50's wouldn't either. I might bite the bullet and get them soon, although I'm very open to any alternatives.

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