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VA / MD / DC meet - Saturday, May 25, 2013 - Page 13  

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Wish I could be there....guests in for holiday weekend. Maybe next time. smily_headphones1.gif
Pics, pics!
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Looks like I'll be in the area today!  I'll be there in a bit. :D

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Had a great time for my first meet and heard lots of great gear. The one good thing about headphones is that it is much harder to go wrong with a decent setup over conventional big box sound. In other words in my opinion a pair of $300 headphones will generally outdo a pair of comparable priced speakers. Lots of fun, wide variety of ages and really nice folks who are there for quality sound! 

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Had a really great time. I was particularly impressed with the he400. Truly great considering the price. No other combo blew my mind like the meitner with the bhse and 009 though, Even though I think I still prefer the visceral bass from the lcd3s the sheer speed of the decay of the bass in the 009s was just about perfect.Sorry about my friends they were a bit loud and crazy with the 009s blink.gif

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Wow ... my first meet and I had a blast. THANKS to everyone who took the time to bring their gear and share it so freely.It was my first time hearing so many items:  Audeze LCD-3, Beyerdynamic Tesla T1, Fostex TH600, HiFiMan HE-60 (never heard of that model before but it rocks!), HE-500 and HE-6, Sennheiser HD800 (among other series), and Grado Allesandro (MS1's?). Fantastic music, sources, DAC's and amps -- Pico, Cavalli, even Blue Hawaii. And, dream come true, got to hear a couple STAX models including the SR-009. I'm not naming the other gear I own and have heard before, but there were so many new and exciting products to experience - I was in headphone heaven. Thanks for setting it up and sharing so freely. I won't attempt any reviews, but will just say I was most impressed, among the newly experienced cans, with the HE-500, some kind of modified Fostex (Fostex T50RP's maybe??), the HE-60's and the TH600's. I've now mapped out my next purchases can-wise. Great rigs people took the time to bring and share. Thanks a million.

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Great time at the meet today! I spent most of my time baby sitting my rig, but did take the time to listen to some various headphones and amps. Man oh man the Blue Hawaii/Stax 009 was simply incredible! I also got some new EDM music from Zach which I'm listening to right now (some really great stuff Zach). Unfortunately I couldn't get the Bryston BDP-2 to work for some reason. Once I got home it still didn't work so I did a factory reset and now all is well. I've no idea what happened there. Finally, a big thanks to everyone who came and especially Vlad for setting it all up!



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Great meet! Met a lot of awesome Head-Fi'ers with great sounding setups. Here are some photos I took (in no particular order).






















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Glad to meet everyone!


VVS thanks for organizing!


Justin: Thanks for the cans and a chance to audition the BHSE and some sweet STAX cans!  I look forward to giving the GS-X mk II a GOOD run when it arrives!


Gary: Nice chatting with you.  Glad you got a chance to try out a Woo amp.  I hope you find the right amp for your T1 and thanks for letting me try your ESP-950 and T1s.


Matt: Nice to meet you too!  Sorry I didn't get a chance to check out your rig.


The guys next to me (sorry, I forgot your names):  I'm glad you got a chance to try out the LCD3s.  Sorry about your wallet. =P


The guy who brought the HE-60s.  Thanks!  As a Senn guy, that's a can I never thought I'd get to hear!  Hearing them was a dream come true esp with a GREAT amp like the BHSE.  =D




I'm not sure if anyone got to check out my headphone stands.  I was thinking of starting a group buy if there was enough interest.  I expect the price to be $60 shipped to your door for either style.  If you want to see a picture or want more info, PM me.  (hope that's ok, Mods.  If not, my apologizes; send me a PM and I'll edit this out ASAP)

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A big thanks to everyone. This was my first meet and I learned a great deal. For those of us starting out, it can be overwhelming.


I was the guy w/ the Grado 225i checking out your awesome gear! Really learned a lot. Enjoyed the HE 500 in particular which has been on my short list. I think they would make a great compliment to my rock centric up in your face Grados.


The Audeze were also fantastic to sample...great sounding headphone. It was really cool seeing these high end cans and tube amps, sweet DACs and so on that I've only read about.   A great opportunity.


I was surprised to hear how good the HE500 sounded with the Modi/Magni.


Oh, and those STAX-whoa!!! Talk about a different level.


I got a lot of great suggestions, information, things to think about and so on.


I know many of you took a lot of time and effort hauling gear. From someone starting to put things together, it's much appreciated!


Next time I will bring my Asgard-2. I just assumed the Schiit products would be all over the place.



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I had a great time there today!!  It was great getting to meet most of the people there.  Sorry if my roommates ended up breaking anything biggrin.gif .

Rob : Thanks for the lift

Spencer : Thanks so much for letting me hog your LCD3 and the woo.  Definitely the rig I was most pleased with.

Gary : The T1's were awesome and by far my biggest surprise.  I enjoyed them a lot.

To everyone else : Wow, this was my first meet and I was stunned by the sheer quantity and quality of cans there today.

Looking forward to the next one.  Thanks for getting this one set up!!

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I guess Darryl (preproman) didn't make it.
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That was a great afternoon, thanks to all for the discussion and the chance to hear your gear.  Spencer, I really liked Woo-LCD-3 combo... I've tried to stay away from tube amps because I know how addictive tube rolling can be, and I don't need any more toy addictions.


And speaking of which... I spent the entire 60-mile drive home trying to figure out how I could justify another few thousand bucks in headphone gear... mostly because of those damned Stax 007 Mk2s... I love my LCD-3s and won't part with them ever, and listening to the Woo pretty much confirmed that I will be getting them an amp soon.  Maybe the Woo, maybe something else (need more research... any more meets planned?) but now I'm thinking I need those Stax too, and I only listened to them for about 5 minutes total (mostly because I was afraid I'd buy a pair then and there... who needs food and clothing anyway).  I might have to sell both the T1s and the ESP-950s and maybe a car or something.


No, no, must resist...

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Been looking forward to this for months, so bummed when I realised I had work today. Glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves though! Hopefully another meet in the works before too much longer.

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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

I guess Darryl (preproman) didn't make it.

yeah! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! 

Is Darryl OK?! I was so looking forward to meeting Darryl finally. And perhaps trying the F1J.


Anyway, it was really nice to meet some of you and see the rest of you once again. For me it was the Justin's and Vland's stations that lead the way (when ever I hear those set up my jaw drops), but the Stratus was nice as well. It had a nice and intimate presentation with a good amount of meet on the bones. I was surprised because I tend to like wide presentation but the Stax set ups and the Stratus seem to indicate that perhaps that parameter is not as important. blink.gif


It was a pleasure meeting everyone -- especially Vlad. It nice to have another 'off the boat' European around with the same hobbies and within the same general age cohort.  wink_face.gif  I will keep in touch. We need to A/B some of our stuff with that whozeewatsee for A/Bing you had there. 

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I think he had to work.
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