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For Sale: Super.Fi 5 Pro (Pearl White) w/Westone Cable (Clear)

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For Sale:
Super.Fi 5 Pro (Pearl White) w/Westone Cable (Clear)

Will Ship To: Continental US

These are the dual armiture Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pros. If the color matters to anyone, it's the pearl white version. I recabled them with the Westone cable which basically fits directly without modification (well, people were saying they filed them down, but it seems pointless to me since they fit in tightly even if they don't go all the way in as there's no benefit in modifying the connectors that I can see as long as the fit is good and strong. This does have the side effect that the connectors stick out just a little bit, but it's better that way IMO. You can file them down yourself if you prefer I suppose.) I didn't hear that much difference (I'm not big on recabling changing the sound except where the original cable is just plain bad) but if nothing else the Westone cable is a lot nicer with a softer feel that translates to it being more comfortable and, more importantly, far less by way of microphonics.

Note that the bolt in the case, while maybe not pretty, is there on purpose. I noticed that the case bends inward when it's carried in the pocked for long enough. It was causing the metal in the over-ear part of the wire to bend out of shape repeatedly with the stock case and not only was it a pain having to reshape it every time, but I was concerned that such repeated flexing would make the extra metal wire inside eventually break from being reshaped so much. It was also flattening the foam tips back when I tried them and keeping them from expanding to their normal shape and making them not fit as well. Rather than replacing the case on a regular basis, I put the bolt in to force the case to stay stable. It also has the advantage of helping to keep everything in place inside though. While not pretty, I felt a lot more confident about keeping it this way and IMO it's actually an improvement. (Well, I suppose you could remove it and put tape or hot glue on the hole to keep dust out or something, but I recommend keeping it that way.)

Finally, I don't have the original tips anymore except those shown on the right in the picture (I think they were the mediums?) Included are some third party tips that are a bit harder to get on, but, more importantly, much harder to come off (it was kind of scary when one of the original tips came off in my ear once! Thank goodness I had a hemostat handy in my tool set... I don't think the third party ones will ever come off accidentally however.) Also, there are a lot of Comply foam tips out there that will fit (both some specifically listing compatibility with these and a few that don't,) though for me at least the sound was a LOT worse with the foam tips I used to have. (Ironically, given that these are IEMs, I found the best balance of sound to be had when there wasn't quite a complete isolation, but just a hint of loosness in the fit. Otherwise the highs seemed to suffer severely and this is coming from someone who finds quite a number of headphones to have painful highs. So I'm not sure I can recommend foam tips for these.)
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What is the best you can do on these? Very interested. Also curious to know How the bass is on these. Thank you
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I really don't understand the question. What do you mean "what is the best you can do"? They are IEMs, you listen to music with them...

As for the bass, the key feature of the Super.Fi 5 Pro (and the EB) is that it uses two drivers with one dedicated to the lower frequencies. The point being to reproduce bass more accurately without it interfering with other frequencies as it often tends to do on IEMs. Of course, just to be clear, if you're looking for loud booming bass, the Pro is not the way to go as it's a bit more focused on accuracy.
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sorry if i wasn't clear, i meant on price. please email me at jfresh921@aim.com (2 pm limit surpassed today). 

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I'm willing to consider reasonable offers, but I'm going to be trying eBay soon to see if I can get the full value before I give up and take a lower one.
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