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Sound System Config and Structure

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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this forum. I'm not an expert on audiophile settings, but I'm an enthusiast, I love music and good sound.

Recently, I've been thinking if it would be convenient to install a few pieces of equipment I have, some just hidden inside my closet. 

I have a M-Audio Black Box (I used it to record guitar or bass) and a Technics SA-GX130, an old stereo receiver.

Well, what I'm actually wondering is if it will change anything to setup my M-Audio Black Box as an external sound card and my technics as an "amplifier".
My speakers are the "T10 Inspire" by Creative.

If I use Black Box as my external sound card, then send it to my Technics and afterwards to my speakers, would it be really a good idea or just a waste of space?
If it is a good idea, how should I adjust my audio configuration to make it sound the best it can? 

On the other hand, my sound card is an Integrated Realtek ALC888s Audio. Would it be best to just plug it directly to the Technics Stereo Receiver?

Thank you very much guys.

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You really need a pair of regular (not powered) speakers to use with the Technics. You can't plug the Creative speakers into the amplified output of the Technics.


I'd run the integrated soundcard into the Technics amp, once you've got some speakers to go with it. With decent speakers it should easily outperform the T10s. If you find there is a lot of background noise or otherwise poor sound quality you can try the M-audio Blackbox, but it's probably better to keep it as a standalone device for use with the guitar and bass, even if you have to get a USB soundcard to replace the Realtek..



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