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Westerville Ohio meet 11May2013 sign up now

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Lets do this again 



Had such an awesome turn out last time i decided to put another meet up this time with some warmer weather


So this is my official thread for my SECOND meet in Westerville, Ohio.

Rules and regulations or SOPs for this meet

This is a private Home and the place that I live, Treat it as such and how you would like to have your guests act.


alcohol is definitely permitted but be over the age and be responsible with it


I will not provide you food and drink so either bring your own or money, where i live there are more then plenty of places where you can order from or go to (good places).


Other peoples gear need to be treated as if it was your grandmothers, do not drop,bang,slam,mess around with things that are not yours if you would like something changed or what not, please ask the owner. (Dave you were totally cool about that last time with all the cable switches we did on your system awesome job)


Please be respectful to all that are here not just the host.


I have huge patio so if you smoke take it outside.


Plan on having an awesome day with music and fellow nerds/geeks.


as an added bonus there will be very high speed wifi available for use as well.

You do not have to bring a lot of equipment a simple amp or laptop and your headphone is fine. Everything is welcome though.


If you can please car pool as I have limited parking

The date will be THE 11th of MAY 2013 This will not change again at least for this meet.
Time for the Meet is 11am till 8-9pm or later

If you are interested please IM me directly with what you are bringing and your first name, and you will get the address. i will update this post with the list.

Please let other Ohio people know about the thread.


Also let me know if there is some events during the meet that we could do, like the blind cable test we did last time that was interesting.





01. lordtris / Jason  Magnum 4.0 in woodies, Classic sr80 with wood sleeves,  Dt880-600, Magni and Modi Computer and 4th Gen ipod touch. 

02. Zub-a-Roo / Dave  Denon 2900 universal player,Darkvoice 336SE,650,k701,m50s,D2K,Sony MDRCD2000,Pod nano 5th gen,Neco V2 portable

03. Tus-chan / Shawn  Stax SR-303, O2, ODAC, Sansa Clip+

04. BLACKENEDPLAGUE / Tony  Grado sr60i and Beyer DT880-600

05. jonnyRocket / Jon  Monster Miles Davis,Sennheiser IE8,Monster Turbine Pro Gold,Sony XBA-3ip,UE-700,Brainwavz R1,Sony MH1-c

06. preproman  / Darryl  GS-X mk2 Fully Balanced Beta22  Nad M51 PerfectWave DAC MKII, LCD3 HD800 D7000 K702 65th anv.  T1 

07. KrunchyLex  /   Alex   HD650, valhalla and a turntable

08. 28980   /  Jeff   HE500. hd558  m80  laptop

09. AxelCloris   /   Brian    AKG Q701  ksc75 PortaPro MadDog with alpha pads, custom cmoy macbook pro

10. MermaidMan  /   Braden   tubemagic d1 and d5000

11. Chicolom   /    Ron     K702 65th +Q701 pads, K240S, CAL!, SR80i, KSC35 w/headband, MX580, M-Stage, ODAC, E10

12. Jupiterknight   /   Finn    HD600, Beyerdynamic DT 1350, modified Yuin 2GA, Etymotic 4ER-S, Audio Technica CK100pro and an Ipod Classic/Arrow Headstage 4G amp.     

13. gibosi  ken   somic/ cardas cable and little dot 1+

14. KimChee    /  ?????  JH16,custom TF10,Matrix M Stage,Headstage Arrow 3G

15. muskyhuntr   /   Jim   M3, 2 Mini3's, a Y1, HD600 and possibly a Y2 Cal. Audio Labs Icon or Pc

.....would be nice to have this many or more lol.....

16.  Mr Strongg   /     Jonathan   Macbook pro ue 350vi adn beats mixr

17.  Eee Pee   /    ????   Sony CDP, DNA Sonnet hd600,700,800 Hopefully 




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The Stuff that is coming so far.

Magnum v4 full wood
Classic SR80 in wood sleeves
Dt880-600 two sets.
HD650 twosets


HD600 two sets

Stax SR-303
HD800 two sets

K702 65thanv
Porta Pro
Mad dog w/ alpha pads
K702 6th SE

Denon 2900 universal player
ODac Two different
Nad M51
perfectWave Dac
Tubemagic D1
Ipods -classic,touches
sansa clip+

Darkvoice 335SE with several tubes
Stax amp??
Balanced Beta22
Neco v2

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I'm in. I would suggest having the meet not start so early, let's say, 3PM?

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Tentatively rsvp
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need moar people

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updated with first two people.

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I don't have the K167 anymore. It broke in multiple places.

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I'm game.  PM inbound.


Bump'd while I'm at it.

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I'll probably be going just don't know how I'm getting there yet or if I have to work.

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Putting myself out there to attend this one. I'll make the vacation request at work tomorrow.

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Definitely interested, I'll be there.
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Interested for sure.



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Jason, can you change your thread title to read: Columbus OH meet, May 11 or similar? Also, can everybody put the thread link in your sig to attract others? And if I need to just shut up and go back to listening, I can do that. tongue.gif
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Tell everyone to bring their music...  On laptops and or thumb drives..

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