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High Bitrate Lossy vs Lossless Test

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I've put together files ready for download to conduct a blind listening test to determine sound quality of lossy audio. Each lossless file contains ten samples of a little over two minutes each. The files will contain:
Original Lossless
Frauenhofer MP3 192 / 256 / 320
LAME MP3 192 / 256 / 320
AAC 192 / 256 / 320
All files have a constant bit rate (CBR). The musical sample includes a bit from a choral work (very hard to encode without artifacting) and a full frequency range orchestral recording with stepped dynamics from quiet to loud. Excellent samples!
It will be up to you to find the lossless file by listening alone. No waveform peeking or checksums. Every participant will receive the ten different samples in a different order. The test file is available in either FLAC or Apple Lossless. You can feel free to burn it to a CD or listen on your computer. It's up to you.
ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST POST THEIR CHOICE(s) IN THIS THREAD. I won't reveal your score unless you do that. Drop me a PM and let me know if you would prefer FLAC or Apple Lossless format and I will send you a download link.
For your convenience, here is the start point time of each of the ten tracks...
TRACK 01: 00:00
TRACK 02: 02:15
TRACK 03: 04:35
TRACK 04: 06:55
TRACK 05: 09:10
TRACK 06: 11:30
TRACK 07: 13:50
TRACK 08: 16:05
TRACK 09: 18:25
TRACK 10: 20:45
Good luck!
EDIT: BigCabDaddy and junrin have joined the test.

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Is there a due date for this test when you will post all the guesses or will you just post them as you receive them?

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