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For Sale:
FS: Sony MDR-CD1700

Will Ship To: Continental US

For sale is a pair of the elusive Sony MDR-CD1700s. I purchased these off of ebay quite some time ago (~2 years or so). This pair has not had the screen mod done. For those who are unfamiliar with the CD1700 they are the closest I've heard to a pair of closed HD600/HD650, though they don't sound closed at all and have a wider soundstage than the Senns. The Sony's midrange sounds a bit warm though not quite as euphonic as something like an ESW9 and they sound very relaxed in the highs and completely non-fatiguing. You can see some measurements of them on the site below where the blogger compares their tonality to the Sony R10:

These headphones are also light and very comfortable, perhaps the most comfortable closed headphones I've owned. This pair does have some minor scuffs on the left cup (I attempted to photograph these but they are pretty difficult to make out even if you zoom all the way in). Also, though the pads are still in good shape, they are made of a velour material and as such will pick up lint and hairs pretty easily -- I went through a cleaned them a bit with a lint brush which helped a bit but they are still not perfect. I could find no other issues with these headphones. They come with the original 1/4" adapter and well as their original leather carrying pouch though it has seen some wear. Asking price is SOLD shipped/paypalled CONUS. PM me with any questions.

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