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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HD414X

Will Ship To: Continental US

I'm selling a pair of HD414Xs I picked up on ebay a while back. These are the 2,000 Ohm version. They are electrically identical to the original HD414 which was the first open dynamic headphone on the market -- the only changes to the HD414X variant are the new yellow pads and a newly designed headband which has less clamping force. These sound open, airy, and effortless but compared to modern headphones they don't have much of a bottom end to speak of -- I think they sound most favorable with vocals and instrumental music and especially good with older jazz recordings which were often dark sounding. This pair is in excellent physical shape and the pads are new and have been used very little. One issue is that the ebay seller stored them in their original box which has a heavy cigar smell to it and so this odor has been transferred to the headphones -- not something that bothered me personally but it is something to be aware of. As I mentioned the original box is included along with the manual and warranty forms though this material has seen a lot of wear over the years. SOLD shipped/paypalled CONUS. PM me with any questions.

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