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Originally Posted by wazzupi View Post

I should get both :( buttt so much money and I'd probably get a another headphone first like the hd800 before getting another amp :O or buy a better dac which seems to be diffcult to distingush around here if its worth upgrading I currently have the dragonfly which is an awesome dac... 

I know you want to jump the gun, but the best route right now is to complete your current rig and enjoy what you have since you're on limited funds rather than jumping the gun and getting an HD800 etc. Get a good amp, get a good DAC, enjoy those HD650's. If you feel like upgrading, get a new headphone, pair it with your current rig and identify the limiting deficiencies in the chain, sell what need's to be sold and then add extra funds on top of the sold stuff to buy new gear to get the perfect setup again for that headphone. Should the upgrade itch come in again, do the same thing again, unless you have a steady amount of income and able to buy multiple expensive stuff at once.

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So a local store had the lcd-2's..... I was blown away I wanted to throw my money at the guy.... LOL unforunately I spent most of my money on things I needed and the la figaro 339 :( sad day and he gave me a really good quote if you live in miami,florida I recommend you check out sound components to demo the lcd-2's as they carry them the only negative thing was thats the only headphones they carry but they have great selection of speakers. 

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Originally Posted by eucariote View Post

I much preferred HE-500 & LCD-2 to HD800.  In your shoes I'd get the former if you want soundstage & sparkle (what HD800 does well, or in excess imo) or LCD-2 if you like deeep bass and a ruler-flat signature.  Your amp will drive all 3 just fine.
I haven't heard the hd650 but had both hd800s and lcd2's . I sold my lcd2's because although I liked their sound I found myself always wanting the sound of the hd800s.
The difference between the two to my ears was the live type sound of the lcd2's compared to the wider sound of the hd800s. And the bass is more prominent on the lcd2's.
The hd800s took much more burning in compared to the lcd2's.
Either headphone will be easy to resell. The revision 2 model of the lcd2 is worth more 2nd hand because it has a higher reputation. I haven't heard the rev 1 model to comment on it's sound quality.
If you have an amp thrn you have all you need to make either headphone shine even in a noisy environment.
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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

There shouldn't be any sound difference regardless of whether it is rosewood or bamboo, Audeze chose the right material so it retains the usual Audeze LCD2 house sound, it wouldn't be called an LCD2 is there was any sort of a marginal difference between the two different material based LCD2's for that matter. Weight difference, the bamboo are definitely lighter but they are also more stronger and reliable than the Rosewoods which is why Audeze made the change to a different housing material after learning the mess from the early Hifiman HE-5LE's and the early rev.1/rev.2 cracking.

Move onto the comparison.

The HD800 extract/offer the best and the most detail of all the 3 mentioned headphones in this thread. The slight treble peak can be of annoyance to those with sensitive ears but some mods and a higher grade warm amp can sort the problem out. It also offers the best soundstage/imaging of all of the 3 headphones as well, if you listen to classical, jazz none compares to the HD800's.

Regarding with people saying they are bass-light, they are not. Either that you're a basshead and used to the flabby basshead headphones widely available on the market or you don't have the right setup, I will say it again, to get the HD800's short of acceptable performance you need to have high quality source (music files/transport system/high end dac) and a very synergising amp. If you think you can just enjoy music on the HD800's powered by an O2 or Lyr, think again because I've heard it and it sounds crap, not saying the amp's are bad but the 800's are finicky when it comes to amplification. The Crack + Speedball powers the HD5xx/6xx/800's wonderfully and my honest opinion is that it sounds marginally better than any of the Woo WA6/22 combo I've heard.

Right onto the LCD2, regardless of revision, the LCD2's are very laid back (dark, warm) signature headphones. They sound thick and sometimes congested sounding compared to the HD800's. By congested I mean by for me I listen to some custom mixed electronic music with sometimes over 10 layers of various sound effects going off, faster based electronic the LCD2's sounds at times lacking air to catch up and so therefore can sound rolledoff. But they do have very impressive bass performance, I wouldn't exactly call them completely neutral but they try to imitate the neutrality of what you're supposed to be hearing from your source. Amp recommendations for the LCD2's is something bright or borderlining warm, certain tubes I don't recommend because the low-ends will sound flabby and too warm sounding restrictive. Though they are easy to drive and forgiving on the recording.

HE-500's, I've had a small amount of headtime experience with these and the HE-6 so take this with a grain of salt. The HE-500's are not bad headphones not exactly what I'd call up to the level of the LCD2's (imho) but both are directly comparable in certain aspects, the HE-500 are tad brighter than the LCD2's, does not exhibit the congested feeling I have with the LCD2's when listening to complex mixed/fast music, but the LCD2's have superior bass response compared to the HE-500's. HE-500's also don't require alot of juice to get the right ompph to sound right, fairly easy to drive and sound well as well, would like to pick these and the HE-6 up one day and give it a thorough listen but my favourite Hifiman has been the HE-400's so far. I feel the HE-500 offer tad bit more detail over any of the LCD's but again take this with a grain of salt.

The HD650's are not far from the HE-500/LCD2's in terms of performance, but I'd pick my HD600's over the HD650 anyday unless I had a SinglePower xds amplifier.

Hope this brief impression of mine helped.
I absolutely agree with the attributes of the hd800s compared to those of the lcd2's as written here.
I don't believe spending serious money on a dedicated headphone amplifier as an alternative to what you already have is a good option for you.
Please head to the sound science forum and draw your own conclusions to balance up the main forums. An amplifier is designed to make your device sound louder. Anything else an amplifier does is open to debate.
So my take on this is a $1500 budget can be kept to by buying either of the 3 headphones you're interested in.
If you already have an integrated amplifier have you considered stax electrostatic headphones?
They use an energiser which connects directly into the speaker terminals. The headphone is plugged into the energiser. Not a portable product but 2nd hand is within your budget for an in your house solution.
There's as much love for stax on head fi as there is for the lcd2's and that's says something
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I never understood that because I clearly hear a difference between just the dragonfly and the dragonfly connected to my o2 amp... 

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Sorry I have never heard either product. Did you take away the sight element before you listened or did you know what you were listening to beforehand?
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I didn't really know what to expect from the dragonfly alone vs dragonfly>o2 amp.. not sure if that answers your question ? 

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Not really, I was asking whether you tried them under blind test conditions which is where someone else plugs them into either the dragonfly or the o2 without you being able to see or hear them do it and then you try and say which one you prefer. If you get the o2 right under those conditions 8 out of 10 times then that is one heck of a product
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Originally Posted by Takeanidea View Post

Not really, I was asking whether you tried them under blind test conditions which is where someone else plugs them into either the dragonfly or the o2 without you being able to see or hear them do it and then you try and say which one you prefer. If you get the o2 right under those conditions 8 out of 10 times then that is one heck of a product

Blind tests are a faulty way of testing anything. Lots of variables, and the evidence isn't exactly creditable. It is a decent way to see if one distinguishes sounds, but still is dependent on the individual.


Also, this "theory" that amplifiers do nothing but provide more power is hilarious. popcorn.gif I should roam the sound science forums more often.

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That's an excellent idea, like me it sounds like you're prepared to keep an open mind on these things.
If you have a better way of ascertaining the true fidelity of your audio equipment could you enlighten me please? I've been looking around and all I can find is blind testing or simply praising one's own purchases
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