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gaming headphones

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hello everyone i need help with buying a gameing headphones and i pretty much dont know anything about it i chacked on the internet and i saw 3 headphones that i think are good but again i dont really know about it so i would like if you guys can help me and tell me if they are good and if not what do you think is good with that price i can buy 


so the 3 headphones i saw was the astro A40 the razer timat 7.1 and the turtule beach z6a i think was the name


most of my use with the headphones are 70% gaming and the rest are movies and videos


i have up to 250$ to buy not over that


i hope somone can help me thx in advance


(english is not my main lang so sry if i sound dumb or something like that)

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i use sennheiser pc360 and i think its the best gaming headset.
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or HD598/HD558 if you don't need a mic. (which is from what i read similar sounding to the PC360)
I use the modded HD558 and it's very good for me, could be the same for you.

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I need a mic so if its possible with a mic and if its possible the full names with the compeny its from becuse i dont know what HD598/HD558 compeny is from

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the PC360 and HD558/HD598 are all from Sennheiser. and no only the PC360 has a mic.
Also all these "gaming headphones" are not all that impressive. They are outclassed in more than a few ways than the other offerings available. (maybe except for not having a mic.)

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If you are in the US get a normal pair of (good) headphones and order a ModMic.

ALL headsets are overpriced for the sound quality they offer.

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One thing I know for sure is that MOST of gaming headphones suck.


Especially the ones you mentioned above excluding ASTRO and Sennheiser.


For me personally, I would recommend getting a high quality headphones(say, Beyerdynamic or Sennheieser) and buy a separate MIC which is cheap.



But since you are using an XBOX too, then I would recommend the Astro because they work on both PC and XBOX and PS3 :) but again they are expensive......


Regarding the Sennheiser HD360 I heared they are low on the BASS, so if you want to listen to music on PC, then they are not a good idea.

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well i really need a mic so can you tell me whats the best pick for a headsets with mic with up to 250$ cost?


and again sry for looking so dumb but i really dont understand about this stuff


and i dont use it on xbox only on pc


and im not from the US

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AntLion ModMic


Two reasons not to get one: no mute function (yet), no distributor outside of the U.S.

Both problems are supposedly getting fixed soon.

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i can do like somone here said get a headseat and a mic seppert but i will need to get the headseat price a little lower like 30 50 $ lower so i can buy a good mic too so if there is something you can offer around 200$ 


lol i feel like im talking about the same thing over and over again and i feel dumb and bad making peaple ansower pretty much the same thing but its becuse where i live 200$ is alot of money so.. need to to be sure that i get something good and dont throw my money

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Oh bro, mics are so cheap.... you can find one for even <$20...


here is one:


One question though, what is your sound card on your PC ? just the regular onboard sound ?

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If you're not using an amp I would recommend the HD598 and a cheap zalman clip on mic. That would be your best bang for the buck setup.
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Originally Posted by SKilleT View Post

Oh bro, mics are so cheap.... you can find one for even <$20...


here is one:


One question though, what is your sound card on your PC ? just the regular onboard sound ?

mmm i dont really know what my sound card is i think its a regular onbord one... but in a month or 2 i will probbly ugrade some parts on my pc becuse he is a little old got it like 3 years ago

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Yeh then get one of the Sennheisers mentioned above, HD558,HD598......


I don't own them, but I only heard good things about them.


One thing to note is that they are not bass heavy headphones and they are OPEN.


Another thing to consider is the Beyerdynamic DT770.


I have the DT770 PRO-250 and I love them; closed, velour pads, sound stage, and amazing bass and sound.


In your case, you may wanna get the DT770 PRO-80 or the 32OHM versions. 


Here is the link for them:


The thing is that I bought the HD558 and I didnt like their bass for music and gaming. I mean they have bass but not as good as the beyer dt770s.... so I returned them and kept the dt770.

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