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ive used the scl3,215,315,535 bronze and 535 reds i personally dont recomend anything under the shure535 reds. the sound of the 215 and 315 were very disapointing to me, they fell very short in sound quality.


i recomend the ue tf10 i got mine off here for 110 shipped used, but they sound extremely good, it would be very hard to beat the tf10 in that price range. the tf10 arent mid forward or bright like shures can tend to be... highs are super clear,crisp and sparkle but not shrilly or bright sounding....the lows are very full of presence and get very very low.... mids are slighly recessed, mids definitly arent upfront in your face.....sound signature is more V shaped...overall a excellent iem.

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i guess it's the TF10 then! thanks

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good choice, i find myself using my tf10s more than my se530 with spc cable....the tf10s are just a really fun sounding iem

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