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Personal impression of some Flac playing app on iOS

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I currently shifted from Android to Apple's product (ipod touch 5),

and cannot miss the UI of poweramp more.

There are quite a lot of music player apps, but only a few of them play FLAC.

Moreover, most of them are full of bugs, slow and user unfriendly.


Is there any user friendly app that plays FLAC?

I don't mind if it costs up to $10, thank you.



And, I would like to share some experience with some of the apps I paid, used and am using,

hope it can help you to pick the right app for yourself  without buying all of them.wink_face.gif


Cury Amp


1. Free

2. Stable, almost bug-free

3. Fast

4. Great EQ

5. Shows little album artworks on song list



1. I don't fancy the orange theme, which cannot be changed

2. No lyrics download

3. sometimes crushes, not very frequently (like once a day)

4. Lack of playback option

    you cannot link to the entire album / all songs of the artists that are now playing.



Tuneshell  (the app I'm using)


1. Cheap ($2.99)

2. online Lyrics and covers download

3. in-app Lyrics editing

4. Integrate ipod library and app's library

5. Stable

6. Wifi music transfer (tho I have never used it)

7. 'Previous song' / 'Next song' by flipping on the screen, i love this feature on poweramp and this app



1. albums with various artists separate into many albums

2. Lack of user manual, it took me some days to figure out how to use it

3. Don't have a sleep timer


Flac player


1. Not much to say, I couldn't use it properly, had to get refund afterward.

Reason see below.



1. albums with SINGLE artist separate into many albums sometimes

2. lag or crush frequently when around 1000 songs are loaded

3. Support only FLAC, iirc




1. able to change theme ( and there are loads of themes to choose from)

2. Powerful lyrics system 

able to adjust the lyrics easily

3. Free

4. Integrate ipod library and app's library

5. Stable




1. Doesn't show artwork (FLAC), the only reason why I left it

Apart from this, it's great.


Golden Ear


1. Stable

2. Clean and easy to use



1. No any big cons to be mentioned



Strangely, I found some free apps (like ttpod, curyamp) are really nice, somehow better than some 

paid app. If you are looking for a FLAC player with great UI, my advice is to try all the free apps before paying. Hope it helps!

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All of the above are just my 2centsbeyersmile.png

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There's also Capriccio


I'll need to try Goldenear.

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@tobyblh and to the problem with tuneshell and >>albums with various artists separate into many albums<<:

I am using the free version of tuneshell, and I solved this problem for me this way:

My albums are tagged with >>various artists<< in the tagfield >>albumartist<<, and I use copytransmanager to sync my files with the iphone. After that, albums with diffent artists in the tagfield >>artist<< are shown again as one album in tuneshell. This does not work, if you copy your files directly into the tuneshell directory on your i-device or if you use itunes to copy your files directly to tuneshell.

Hope this works for you, because my one and only reason why i did not use tuneshell before was just this problem with the separation into many albums.


Pardon my english and greetings from germany :-)

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Another vote for Capriccio, looks nice, took me a while to figure out organising it into albums,


Though I rarely use my IPhone 5 for listening to music, I always use Capriccio.

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Since latest update of tuneshell to Version 2.3 two of three 'cons' mentioned by tobyblh have gone:

albums now are sorted by >>albumartist<< and no longer by >>artist<<, and it has now a sleep-timer.

You can use a program like 'funbox' to copy your files easily and fast to your i-device, simply by drag an drop complete folders from your pc into the directory 'user applications / tuneshell / documents'.


If possible, I'd now delete the original musicplayer from my iphone to save space for music instead ;-)

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I plan to switch to Iphone from android and webos too - just for musical capabilities

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don't you mean to sign your name "steve", michael?

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>> I plan to switch to Iphone from android and webos too - just for musical capabilities <<

Really??  I was considering getting off of iPhone and going to Android because there are hardly any decent players as alternatives to iTunes. 

I did just purchase TuneShell based on the advice here and it seems pretty good, thanks.  Maybe I'll stick with iPhone a bit longer. 

Also I just found a desktop music player/converter program for OSX which seems really good so far, it is called "Clementine".  Check it out. I like that it handles FLAC <--> WAV and you can play files from your DropBox account. 

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It would be nice to see an iAudirvana App…is there some proprietary obstacles to developing an audiophile-grade player for iDevices? Or are they just not powerful enough? Of course I understand the proprietary limitations to digital output, licensing, etc., but those restrictions seem to be loosening with time. All of them can stream digital audio via AirPlay (e.g., to AppleTV, which then sends digital audio through optical out, and could properly feed a DAC, right?).

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You could probably try "Onkyo HF Player"

However a bit expensive for what it brings.

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