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2013 Fujiya Porta Event in Nakano, Tokyo - Page 3  

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I'm not surprised the Aedle headphones disappointed.  They strike me as the Vertu of the headphone world.  Despite their claims of attempting to create "headphones with no compromise between sound quality and design" it's been pretty apparent they truly cared about design far more than sound quality.



A)  They make a big deal about being in Paris.  The Paris location is mentioned before they even say "headphone" or "Aedle" in their promo vid.  Paris is many things but it is not a city not known for sound engineering.

B)  Their vids are of artists drawing in rooms decorated with pretty art, craftsmen in pretty open natural light rooms, but zero audio equipment of any kind; no indications of anyone listening to any music at all, nobody listening to headphones, nobody involved with sound equipment in any way other than gazing at individual headphone parts and playing (or pointing) with images of them on a computer.

C)  You can tell they spent days worrying about whether or not to shave for the promo vids; their look screams "we thought a huge amount about how to put together this tousled disheveled unwashed look".


Give me a video of a designer awkwardly explaining why his audio product sounds unique over hipsters burning through money just for the location of their office any day.  Don't get me wrong, these headphones look cool visually but when I look for headphones I think of sound first, comfort second, aesthetics a very very distant third, and design location doesn't even factor in.  Sennheiser and Etyomtics, for example, look hideous to me yet I use them daily.

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dazzled with all these portable hi-end gear; simply wow!!

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The shows are definitely worth a visit. The next Fujiya Show is on May 11th and it's going to be a big one occupying 3 large rooms. In fact it's kind of hard to actually cover all exhibitors in a day with the Spring May festival.

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