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Headphones sound worse when tired.

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I've experienced a strange sort of phenomenon for some time now. 

As many people, i think, know.. new headphones tend to sound better after listening to them for some time. Some people call it break in... 

And in part... it's probably the drivers breaking in... but in a lot of ways.. it's definitely just your brain learning.. etc...


Which brings me to my questions... I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 headphones... and i've found that if I'm extremely tired.. which tends to happen often because I'm up till almost 3AM... in the morning like i am right now. Like all of a sudden they sound dull and unsatisfying. 

or in some cases overly harsh... which they really aren't...


I've searched around and found nothing about anyone else experiencing this.... and im wondering if anyone else has. 

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I know what you mean, I think it might come down to the level of concentration, for example when tired you could be just listening,  compared to not being tired, when you are more focused on the sound of the headphones. The HD650 are more about the micro detail versus being a forceful type of sound and could therefore be lost when tired. I've noticed this myself

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I do have similar issue but not excatly. When I'm really energetic for example in the morning and after school ^_^ I tent to like fast music and something like the artist shouting. It makes me feel ALIVE! But when I'm exhausted, I listen to those kind of music, I find it annoying like no soundstage, no detail and horrible drum sound. Sound so random. It usually brings me to a conclusion that I'm sick as I tent to get headache when in such situation.


I can't however, pass a day without any music chilling myself. So I decided to just randomly grab a classic song on the internet radio and let it play.


Like honestly, I like Nyan-Cat music during the day but I will throw it away from my music library if I see it while searching for good music that fits my mood during the night. I too dislike listen music under noisy enviroment even with noise isolation it makes my music sound grainy when it's not. 


Just a sharing!

Billson :)

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The perception of sound is very highly effected by mood and state of mind. This is completely normal.

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Originally Posted by chewy4 View Post

The perception of sound is very highly effected by mood and state of mind. This is completely normal.

which also plays an important role when evaluating gear.

Hearing differences which technically aren't there.


Our senses are no reliable meassuring tool.

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I will be really tired, all I will feel like doing is sleeping. But then I will really wanna enjoy some music, and the headphones sound lame. The sound is really irritating and uncomfortable no matter what the song. Sucks.

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Yeah, i think a lot has to do with the music. 

But there will be points when even the softest and comfortable music becomes "blah".


I think i've found just lowering the volume to low levels makes music still enjoyable, though not as engrossing.

I guess it's like you just have to pull away from it... since your tired.


It's good to know I am not the only one though. I've looked for threads on this and have never seen it discussed.  

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I think its from kind of forcing your attention since the sound is so direct.  If I'm tired I just throw on my speakers 

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