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New Speakers: Blue Sky eXo2!

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So i just bought the Blue Sky eXo2 monitoring system, and I'm pretty excited! I had a pair of Yamaha HS50m speakers about 4 years ago and i miss the detailed sound of studio monitors. It kind of felt like a shot in the dark because compared to other brands of studio monitors, these eXo2 don't have a ton of reviews online, and i couldn't even gather many opinions on trusty gearslutz. I had been using a Logitech Z313 ($40) which to be fair really aren't horrible. It's as cheap as i would go for computer speakers, but once i got my Q701's i really hadn't been using them. I have done some mixing in the past, and still do music as a hobby, but my primary goal was getting a good set of audiophile speakers that could fit my needs. 

I originally looked into the following:
KRK Rokit 5
Emotiva Airmotiv 4
Adam A5x

But then i realized that i'd rather buy something with more bass to offer since my main cans (Q701's) are bass light. I was trying to keep it under $700. The only options at that price point were Yamaha HS50m + Yamaha HS10w or KRK Rokit 5 + KRK10s. I was more so looking for Active speakers, small footprint, decent bass, and had volume control. The eXo2 was the only set i could find that offered all of this. The small footprint (3lbs / 5" wide) of the satellites were a big plus for me, since my current desk isn't very wide. The fact that everything is sealed was also a plus, i won't have to worry as much about reflection off the wall behind my desk. What i seem to be giving up is power, which is ok because i don't plan to use these for anything but desktop speakers, maybe TV speakers in my bedroom from time to time. If i needed the extra power, and volume i would have extended by budget for the bigger options i mentioned earlier.

I'm not exactly looking foward to the mess of wires this is going to bring but i guess you take the good with the bad. They should arrive Tuesday, March 5th so i'll have about a weeks worth of anticipation. Anyways i'll be sure to let you guys know how they sound!

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Well i don't know if anyone is interested but I've been REALLY enjoying these speakers. I can't say weather there are better options for a lower cost, but i'm 100% satisfied. The clarity and detail is exactly what i missed since i sold my yamaha's.
The ability to control the bass is a huge plus for me. They're actually a couple of a "markers" around the knobs, and they're pretty good placement points as far as the sub goes. Anything past the 3rd marker and you start to notice the bass extension alot more. I personally like the 3 o'clock position for general listening, but as it gets later and people start going to sleep i lower it to about 2 o'clock. If i feel the need to go any lower, i just switch to my headphones. The monitors do however have a pretty small sweet spot, where it sounds the absolute best. I have them angled up with auralex mopads and i still sit maybe 3" inches above that spot, but my desk is rather short, and i plan to buy a new one soon. I'd say the mopads are must unless you have another way to easily angle them and get them into the perfect position. They don't sound BAD when your out of that "sweet spot" but it's a noticable difference once you get yourself back into it.

I'd say my Q's are better for hearing the finer details in the treble and are more accurate. I also still enjoy the tight punchy bass on the Q's from time to time. I'm not a full out bass head, but i had a 15" Kicker L7 in my suburban once upon a time, if that tells you anything. For $500 i couldn't find a better option, this has way more power then any set of desktop speakers, and the clarity to satisfy audiophiles that hang out around here. I would imagine a set of full range monitors and a added sub would have much more power, but for my needs i wouldn't need a single bit more power. If i have the sub knob set anywhere past 1 o'clock or so and the volume around halfway, my whole house would hear it. Unless you plan on throwing a block party i can't imagine where these wouldn't satisfy as far as output is concerned. 

The headphone jack is plenty powerful to get my Q's loud enough, but i can tell a difference in clarity when comparing the headphone jack to my magni. I would imagine it may have something to do with the output impedance being so low on the magni? I'm really not sure. Either way this isn't a big issue for me, I could just put my magni in the chain between the headphones and the headphone jack for the speakers, but i chose to move my magni and use it on my ps3.

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Few if any have reviewed these because Blue Sky is known for their more expensive studio monitors and the EX02s are their bottom of the line, yet very accurate and smooth warm sounding monitors. Also the relatively new 2.1 style configuration does not sit well with the mixing community, myself included, But.. These little things are nothing short of awesome. Set them up at ear level at 10 and 2 with the very capable sub on the floor in a nearby ( no more than 4-5 ft away ) corner, experiment with your listening environment. Long listening due to 12db rolloff and the electronics. No ear fatigue folks, compared to the yellow coned wonders. And the ability to control the sub vol is wonderful , it seems the first notch is the intended recording sub setting. I could go on .. great to listen and to mix thru at the affordable price point of around 500. Bass vol and loudness are far more than would be expected. Agian these are for nearfield ( 18-36 inches away, small volume rooms) but have class A sound and detail. Dont be afraid. Set them up close and enjoy. 

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