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Audio Technica ath-m50 disappointment...

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Hi there Head-fiers...

I have just received my ath m50, and i really like the sound of them tho... i thought it will have more bass...

the real problem is that they are making my ears so hot and its so annoying i cant enjoy the music....

they are too big to take outside in my opinion and i thought they are somewhat smaller...

i just spoke to amazon costumer service and they said i cant get a full refund within 30 days...


can you guys recommend me an alternative? something smaller, more portable and more bassy (not too much)...


p.s i mostly listen to Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Alternative, Classic Rock...

maybe the v-moda m80??

the budget is somewhere around the 150$

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Uhh people still buy the M50? I thought there was a new revision of them and now don't sound good at all?




I originally wrote this for my site, H4A.


As recently as a few months ago, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 was at THE headphone to recommend to new audiophiles. However, due to factors like price hikes, a design change, and new players in the headphone game, it has now been displaced at the top. How did this happen? H4A takes a look:


On Head-Fi, the world’s largest online community of headphone lovers, there are 346 registered owners of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and ATH-M50S (The M50S simply denotes a straight cable). Compared to the Ultrasone HFI-580, one of its original competitors (which has 27 registered owners), that number is astounding. In a spiral of recommendations to inexperienced owners to more recommendations, it gained the lead for a long time. However, many factors have lead to its demise as one of the top recommendations. They are:


1. Many more senior voices in forums such as Head-Fi have come out of the woodwork to fight the vicious cycle of first-time headphone buyers immediately recommending their only headphone to other first-timers. Up until recently, whenever a question was asked to an online audiophile community, newer members who had only owned the M50 jumped into the conversation and claimed the M50 as the best thing ever until other voices were simply drowned out. Since they’d never tried any other similarly-priced can, these people had no frame of reference and were more likely to overhype (think Beats). Now, many dissident members have taken back control of these discussions and lead to a more educated decision based on each person’s preferences.


2. A redesign has made the M50 obsolete at its original use. When it first came out, it was known as a very satisfactory can for budget-minded bassheads. However, the new white-box version of the headphone approaches the situation with a more neutral sound. While it is, on the whole, still bassy, it has nothing on headphones from Ultrasone or other basshead brands. Since it is still not quite neutral, though, it cannot truly compete with true monitor headphones employed in studios.


3. Audio-Technica, in conjunction with the redesign of the M50, increased the price of the headphone. This opened it up to a slightly higher level of competition and made many of its peers in the lower price range seem a better value. Now, instead of the M50 being suggested for a budget audiophile, now competition from other established brands has effectively shut down its cause.


4. Finally, new competition from previously-unknown manufacturers has been in vogue recently, with the wealthier members of the forums going out and trying almost every no-name brand they can find. Companies like KRK and Fischer Audio have managed to excel at everything the M50 was known for, often even besting it at a lower price.

Don’t get me wrong. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is still a great headphone. I own one that has over 1200 hours of listening time on it and is still used regularly. However, a combination of many factors has seen to its value becoming less and less as time goes on, and there are now other cans out there that beat it for the same price or are on par at lower. Most importantly of all, the hype train for the M50 has been slowed, with lots of response to any recommendation of it.


The old king is dead.




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HFI-580, M-Audio Q40, V-moda M80 and others. 

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The Q40 @ $119 on Amazon is a promising one




Please read MalVeauX review.






The Q40 does nothing but impress me for it's cost and coming from a manufacturer that is not typical in the headphone world, M-Audio. It's not a perfect headphone, it has it's flaws, which are mainly construction based (clamp & pads), but both were correctable which leaves you with a great audio experience without tampering with it. I didn't feel the need to equalize anything and it was great right out of the box and runs without an amplifier, though I feel it does gain a little benefit from one. It reminded me very much of a bassier Beyer DT770 with smoother treble, which could be thought of as a less fatiguing Ultrasone PRO900. Those are the two that it most reminded me of. Yet it costs less than both. The bass quality and quantity are where it's at for a basshead, yet the mids & treble are fantastic, so it's good for all genres and not just for bass oriented music. Acoustic and jazz sounded great without feeling like it was overly enhanced with bass or that it was degraded from a bleed in. Classical had a body to it that was great and a sweeping feel on the sound stage. Even rock had the texture and mids needed for a good time. Bassy music just rumbled and impacted like it should and was amazing. Overall, it's great for everything from gaming to movies to listening to all genres of music.  If you're on the market for something in the $150ish range, this is a serious headphone to consider if you're looking for something closed back, bassy, but not fatiguing that will run off any device and that can be used as a portable with a good sturdy tank-like build.

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they look a lil bit too big, just like the ath m50... what are you guys think of the v-moda m80?

it will be mostly for outdoors use and a lil bit indoors...

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I find the M50 sound quality to be very good and very comfortable but the cable makes it less portable, the cord and the big metal head weighs down my phone. 

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The m80 are good sounding, well built, and designed.  Note that they are small and sit right on 

your ears -- so suspect the comfort will vary from head to head.  Super portable.


I was able to walk into a Radio Shack the other day and just try them out.

They had a display with those as well as a few of their other brands.

So worth calling around to see if that's available in your area.

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sennheiser hd25 sp is much smaller and portable

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