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Help me upgrade

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Hey guys,


I am in a bit of a quandary here.


I currently use a rockboxed ipod with Fiio L3 and Fiio L7 feeding into my Sennheiser HD595s.


Basically I am looking to upgrade my setup and have been eyeing up the Soundmagic HP200s.


However, I have been wondering if there is something with a similar sound signature to the Sennheiser sound in the world of IEMS that will give me a noticeable upgrade. I have a pair of oooookay earbuds but am looking for something to wow me.


These would be used as my everyday use phones so am looking to supercede the 595s in sound quality and comfort.


Any suggestions?

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The Sony EX1000, RE272, Westone 4 and Heir Audio 4Ai are pretty good sounding if compare with HD595 and they improve further with AMPs/DAC help.
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What kinds of sounds signature does your HD 595s have? Are they a dark signature or are they bright detailed..sorry but I've never tried them..I'm not sure about the heir 4s but I thought the Westone 4s sound good don't get me wrong..but they do everything very well but to me they have no wow factor..just thought they sounded boring to me..I would like to know what the heir4ai sounds like cause currently I have the shures 535 as my go to phones..and I love them..yes they are a bit mid forward..but over all I love the sound they have..but I want something different ya would love to hear the heir's.
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EX1000 isn't too far off the mark if I rmr my hd595s from 5 years ago correctly lol. Neutral enough but slightly colored so easy to listen to, obviously the Sony is an iem so smaller soundstage, but maybe bass is deeper on the Sonys.

I don't believe there is a sennheiser sound. Hd595, hd800, hd700, hd650, ie8 and ie800 all sound significantly different, and this is just want I've heard.
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I pulled the trigger on a pair of Sennheiser IE80's.


I have had good results with Sennheiser and the seem to be getting pretty favourable reviews.



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I always wanted to try do you like then? Does the bass over power everything else?
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Hey pacman. I am waiting impatiently for them to arrive. I will let you know how they sound.
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Lol.that would be great :-)..that's like me when I'm waiting for a new pair to can never come fast enough lol..I Hope you like them..from whatI've read they sound great with a huge sound stage..also I have allot of pairs of headphones iems..and it depends on the mood I'm in I think..that I like the sounds of a dynamic driver compared to balanced armatures..I think they just sound more real ya know..then again I have a pair of ortofon eq5s that I love..but they are a moving armature....I really want to try the ie80s though..
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