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For Sale: Westone 4R used, mint, $380!!!

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For Sale:
Westone 4R used, mint, $380!!!

Will Ship To: U.S.


I have a set of westone 4R in mint condition, very gently used.  These are about one month old.

Never pushed them hard and have been extremely careful with the cables, etc.  All accessories and tips in perfect condition.  Only used the medium foam tips very briefly, and they are in perfect condition.  All items will come in the box, packaged as you would get from a store, but they are used by me only.  PM any questions.  I can provide any photos upon request.  We can discuss shipping as well depending on location.

Asking $380 or b.o. I can only accept paypal method.  No trades please.


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It's a shame... you might regret it later when you consider a portable/on-the-go solution.  I doubt you'll lug around your HD600s when traveling or commuting. 


Oh well, just my 2 cents.  But price looks great for what it is!!  BUMP =)

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I'm still going with a portable solution, but just a cheaper one. :-)  The hd600 set me back $400.  That is more than my original portable budget. haha.  So I'm selling the 4r and sticking with a cheaper IEM.  Maybe the pfe112 or something that I liked a lot, and am willing to live with for portable now that I have the hd600. :-)

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Sold these on ebay.  Closing ad.

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