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Tax return time!:

I already own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's but have yet to buy an amp! :/


I have also recently purchased a pair of Klipsch image X10's for my fiance and might buy a pair for myself after a few days judgement and seeing other suggestions. 


Basically I'd like an affordable, decent amplifier that I could use on my 595's and possibly IEM's. 

The source would be from my phone, a Galaxy S3, which as I understand has some degree of direct compatibility with some amps such as FiiOs, via a USB On-The-Go cable, which bypasses the onboard DAC and sends audio digitally to the Amp/DAC
A device with this functionality can not hurt. 


Was considering FiiO E7 or E07K for this above use, but generally do not know enough about amps, and could use any advice you might be kind enough to offer. 



Thanks for reading, and thanks to all who asisst!