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Native Instruments Reaktor 5 - my new player

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I found this surfing the web looking for high quality music players. I have already auditioned dozens of well-known and obscure software.. I ran into very complex professional software and found that Native Instruments' Traktor version is rated the best.  They manufacture computer hardware and software for dj's and recording studios. Prices gave me sticker shock, but I was thrilled to see they currently have some free products.  I selected Reaktor 5.  After downloading/installing and setting my devices, I loaded my files. I chose "Gods And Generals" since it opens with a female vocalist. I was stunned. The openness of the soundstage and quality of here voice was unequalled by anything I've heard.  Next was Judy Collins Amazing Grace with acapella choir. Same openness and stunning clarity. It was clear she was up close and the choir behind. I heard a group of individual voices, not a single mass of voices. I could tell by a slight echos that they were performing in a church or a large auditorium.  Below is the url.  Has anyone else heard of or tried them?   .    



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Reaktor isn't really designed to be a music player... It's meant to be used as a VST by producers for sound synthesis. 

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Yeah, Reaktor Player is a dumbed-down version of their digital audio workstation (DAW) plug-in modular synth virtual instrument (VI).


It comes with 3 basic synths: Carbon 2, Newscool, and Spacedrone.


I've personally never used it (I've been spending my VI plug-in money elsewhere), but the only thing I can think of is that one of the synths might be able to use audio samples in the sound creation, so perhaps you're hearing differences in the audio that are being routed through some effects from within one of the 3 synths?


On further browsing, it's most likely Newscool that's doing it, since it is a sound engine designer with a multi-effects unit.

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