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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

EDIT:  Good Lord, another person flaked on me, and on Ebay too lol.  This is getting to be like a bad comedy's paypal me $670, don't haggle about the price and I'll ship you out one of the best headphones out there, the end...okkkk....annnnnd go!




I just recently picked these up, but I think I'd be happier with something a bit lower end.  I reused most of the old ad..


These are the Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 1 and are in great used condition. The wood was conditioned regularly
and it’s in excellent condition. There is a very small nick out of an edge as shown in one of the photos
but it is very hard to see unless you are looking very close. Everything else is like new, no scratches
or anything.


The pads are in great used condition and are soft and very comfy. The sound absolutely
incredible and there is nothing wrong with the speakers or anything. The cable is very good condition
too, works and looks like new. As I’ve taken care of the wood, it looks very beautiful, very rich color,
slightly dark and unique.


Almost everyone who sees them complements how awesome the wood looks.
I am including the original travel case and a Grado ¼ to 1/8 adapter. Please ask if you have any questions or
want more pics or anything.


Shipping and Paypal fees combined $670 shipped live in the US.  Please I am firm on the price, look at the other LCD-2 for sale in the forum. Shipping is included and probably going to be around $40-$50 so you are getting a good deal imho.  Please don't ask me for $600 shipped or lower because I don't have the graph, I'll keep it at that price thanks.


PS no offense, but I'd prefer to deal with someone with a fair amount of feedback on the forums.  I've had some problems with users in the past with no or little feedback and this is a fairly expensive item.


If this item does not sell in a couple of days, I am putting it up for auction on Ebay. Ebay!

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