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Help With New Cans

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Currently looking to pick up a new set of cans this Friday to replace my current ailing set. At the moment I'm practically pulling my hair out between 3 sets. Currently debating between AKG K550, Sennheiser Momentum, and B&W P5. Between the 3 I think the real battle is between the K550 & Momentums. Currently using a budget set up with a pair of sennheiser hd280pro & Electric Avenues p2va2 amp. Looking to step up to something more refined. Sound wise I'm looking for tight punchy bass with smooth highs/mids. Not a fan of the boomy bass common in today's phones. My musical taste is all over the place but current taste is an even mix of Metal, Jazz, and classical. So pretty much I would like a pair that can be buttery smooth one moment and unrelenting the next. Any insight would be appreciated.
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buttery smooth

Yeah.. Sennheiser is what you want. I just recently got the K550 and they are unlike any Sennheiser can I've ever heard (including the HD25!), much sharper and unforgiving. Great cans, great bass, but they will not soothe your ears unless you pipe soothing music through them. Haven't heard the Momentums, but I guess they could suit you well.

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How about the hd600? It would seem to fit the bill. 

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Maybe he needs closed cans? If going for open, I was going to suggest the HD598, perfect sound for what OP needs.

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The K550 will do great with Jazz/classical, but is not recommended for metal. I really dislike how it sounds with aggressive genres. 

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Definitely need closed/sealed. I'm in the Navy and will be using them while underway etc. sound leakage is very important.
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What's your headphones' background? I am pretty sure you picked those models because they looked good, leaving aside sound quality. Maybe you could get something different, we don't really need to spend a lot to get a decent pair.
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Headphones background...I don't do as much home listening as I used to I mostly use them at work for underways, port visits, duty days, etc. I already own the hd650 so I'm not in the market for open cans and I learned from my 1st deployment that they don't go over well with those that sleep near me. I have been using the hd280pro and prior to that the Sony mdr-7506. I definitely need closed cans. It's quite hard to find phones that suit me though due to the differences in musical styles. I usually go for something flat or balanced and just switch the eq on the dap. It only goes so far. The 280s would sound decent with dream theater but didn't sound meaty enough with something like Celtic frost. The appearance of the cans is irrelevant. I'm 31 and beyond the age of trying to appear flashy. I bought my 280pro about 4-5 years ago. Definitely got my $15 out of them (had store credit at guitar center that I forgot about). Just looking for something better at this point. Also looking to get a new amp/dac later on.
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Based on what you described you want in the sound, go with the Momentums. The AKG also is finicky with the seal, so if they don't fit your head right they won't sound good.

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Yea I heard that as well. My head is a bit on the small side so it's hard finding a good fit/seal. It's either loose and falling off or it's a vice grip on my head.
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Well. Today I ended up picking a few sets of cans. Picked up the momentum, k550, and for the hell of it the ue-6000. None of the units met my need of a 'sealed' set. I had excessive leakage on all of them. My hd280 had next to none but I wanted a set a bit on the slimmer side. The bulk of the 280 tended to get on my nerves. Been testing the sets over the last few hours and although the Sennheiser's didn't meet my need for a closed set I don't think I'm going to take them back. Loving them.
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