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Output transformer ???'s

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Started down the mod-path the other week and am scoping output transformer mods to my various OTL amps.


The Hammond 119DA thus far is one I am considering, being that its used in the mapletree MAD Ear amps.


This EI-14 caught my eye though, because it looks like its specifically made for headphone amp circuits.  Does anyone have experience with this one?  At this price point, what are its drawbacks?  I am guessing badwidth might be one.




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When the seller does not specify something, it is usually safe to assume that this spec is not very good. 


Radioshack makes a 1K:8 transformer that is pretty tiny, and measures OK. 

It is also less than 1/2 the price of the ones you linked, which is always attractive for diy-experimentation or building little baby-sized guitar amps. 




Makes a good portable amp for IEM's too :) 


Prem magnetics makes a few transformers at similar prices, that were suggested to me a long while back. 

Mouser also sells a line of ittsy bitsy transformers like the radio-shack ones. It's been a long time since I looked for them, so I cant remember the brand.

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