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the m50, and sure 440 are in my roatation of what I call my semi portable group.  I don't wear these when walking around, but through them in my messenger bag for use in the coffee shop, library etc.  I have had mine for several years and the only thing I have ever done is to replace the ear pads.  I do put them in a protective bag before I throw them in with books etc.  I use bags sold on amazon under "good cans"  They are slightly padded. well worth the $20 or so.


The sound signitures are quit different.  I use them with my Ipod a line out and an amp.  Fiio E11 has worked well for me.  the amp and line out provides a great improvement with the ipod.  Last note, I think the 440s are greatly under rated.   not saying better, just different and also very good for the price.  I could be satisfied with either.

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Those are them...


I have had mine for a couple years and love them for computer games and such.  For the money exactly

what is cheap about them?  I have had $600 Sennheisers that were built no better.

I do like the build quality on Kore's post better however...L3000.gif


How do they sound? to you...



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Unless you are buying them to wear outside doing yard work etc the durability shouldn't be of an issue. Just be careful if out and about with them as everything (including your M50's) would be at risk if they fell from a considerable height. That aside, I wouldn't like them any other way as they are incredibly light and compact for toting around on a bus or airplane ride and well, the sound is amazing. Don't confuse construction material with quality of a headphone when the real reason you are buying them is to get the best out of your music rather than test them in a demolition derby wink.gif.

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