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Westone 4R & Pico Slim

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Been listening to Westone 4R,s for 2 weeks through a Itouch 2.  The sound seems to come into focus when the volume is about 70% and than it could be to loud.

Would I benifit from a amp? Thinking about the Pico Slim since I only want it for commuting. My other question is, is the Pico Slm outdate with the newer amps out?

It is probably approaching 4 years old.


                               Thanks, Joe

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No one?

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iDevices do not have enough output to drive higher end IEMs well so you will benefit from having an amp.

My sf5pro and currently Westone 4R both benefited from having an amp.

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The Pico Slim is very capable AMPs with very resolving channel balance sound but there are few new AMPs are also great buy like JDS Labs C421(notably better than Fiio AMPs with very clean soundsignature).

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Thanks for your reply,, The 421 has been replaced by the C5. Do you think it's better than the Pico Slim?

                                      I have to admit I  really like the looks of the Pico Slim.

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Listened to the 4R through my Gilmore Lite through my ITOUCH headphone jack. Sound was definitely more powerful. Could have been alittle more cleaner sounding. Maybe using a LOD cable would have made it sound more detailed. Now my question;;; is the Pico Slim similar to the G Lite?

Thanks, Joe
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The Pico is made for IEM and almost just for them, it is not dedicated to drive a fullsize OEM. I had a Pico and now a Protector, with EM4 and I assure you that's useful ! The soundstage is more open, musicians are more present and you gain more space between them. The Pico is incredible because of his size, his sound, 60 hours playback !! With a LOD it better, evidently ;)

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How is Protector vs Pico Slim without balanced phones? Also when you say EM4 you mean Westone 4?

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When I say EM4 I mean EarSonics CIEM EM4. 


With balanced headphones I prefer the dynamic and the neutrality of the Pico, but the RSA The Protector have a great ambient that you couldn't find on the Pico... The choice is based on your taste more than on their own qualities. 

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the c5 and c421 are different imo neither are better, ive owned both, they both have strengths and weakness.


when u ask rsa protector vs pico imo the rsa is a better amp.


sound clarity,resolution,cleanliness, can also be improved via a good lod + amp then down the road maybe a cable upgrade

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