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BASSHEAD headphones but also good enough for soundtrack

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I own a pair of beats studios and after 2 years of feeling bad for making a big mistake I finally have the oportunity to buy a new pair of cans. I am a BASSHEAD I can never get enough of bass but I also like to listen to soundrack, some pop, alternative, electronic and ambient type meditation music (for sleeping). What I'm mainly aiming for is a set of cans in which can crank up the bass with lots of impact and quantity (basically earthquake) but also with quality, but without overwhelming the mids and highs, but also I want to be able to change to my other music without having to worry about my it being saturated with bass.

I only get this oportunity every 2 years or so, so please keep in mind build quality, also noise blockage from out to in and in to out is IMPORTANT!

I want something that will make my beats and bose look like trash in terms of bass and sound quality :)

Btw I am also thinking about getting a heaphone amp possibly the fiio e07k or the e12 (suggestions are welcome). My budget is $200-$400 (excluding the headphone amp).



I can't believe I made such big mistakes with beats and bose :(

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I actually am curious as to what other members on this forum would recommend.  I have been researching and comparing several brands for a while now and still can't seem to come to any decisions.  The brands I have been comparing are Grados, the Logitech UE 6000, some Sony pairs, ATH, AKG, and a few others.  Any recommendations?

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Research is all I have been doing, and I haven't ben able to choose because i haven't been able to try any pair of heaphones mostly because all i can find are cheap mockoffs everywhere I go. So i'm taking this oportunity to buy a pair of good heaphones :)

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Well, you can look into:


V-Moda M100 (provides enough bass quantity, quality and impact with ok mids and good highs).

Yamaha Pro 500 (good bass quality, less bass quantity than the m100s but not by much. Better mids and sound separation... check my review on my signature)

Denon D600 (I was going to suggest Denon D5000 but they are no longer produced and sell for outrageous prices... Anyway, a lot of bass, recessed mids and wonky highs... it's an inconsistent headphone to my ears, but provides enough bass for you bassheads).

Ultrasone Signature DJ (don't have them but they are supposed to be tuned just like my Ultrasone Signature Pro but with more bass! Excellent sound quality on the Signature Pros and from what I've read, the DJs are similar... these should be the creme-de-la-creme)


On a more cheap note, there are the M-Audio Q40, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80, etc. etc.


There are lots of other basshead phones. Check out:





Good luck!

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Dt770 pro 80 gets my vote. Been using them for a while, they never disappoint. Bass for movies, soundtracks is awesome. 

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You are really asking for alot here, but I second the beyers. I myself use the 250 ohm and a fiio e11 and if I use the eq set to 2 my ears vibrate to the point of complete discomfort. The 80 ohm version is said to have more bass yet! But with the bass you do have to make a sacrifice and here it is with the mids. Would I use these for classical? No. Electronic/rap? YES. But be aware, the mids are recessed, but certainly not of poor quality. In regards to comfort they are unbelievable and I haven't encountered problems with the build. I bought mine $225 Canadian and with the e07k at least, you won't exceed your budget.
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I've been looking at the dt770 pro for a while now and i'm really starting to like them. My only concern is the cable, I know its sturdy but I can't really trust myself with a fixed cable :P. Also because I move around alot and have to take the headphones on and off. Btw hows the isolation on the dt770's


I know i'm asking for alot but, I need to make the best of this oportunity, I only get 1 chance every 2 years or so.

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mdr xb700

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Hey Nirvash, I was having the same problem you were, and I decided to buy some Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohms. All I can say is, these cans slam. The bass is deep and impactful whereas Beats bass is only loud and sloppy. Be aware though, that these need a significant amount of power to drive, so make sure you invest in a powerful amp. I can't recommend and portable amps to you because I'm not experienced in that area since I have a huge 30 pounds desktop amp by the name of Harman Kardon HK6600 which is a complete beast. But if you grab these headphones, you will not be disappointed, I promise you. Also, if you listen to music very very loud, I would recommend getting these headphones in the 32 Ohms limited edition because basically, more ohms = less loudness because ohms are a measure of resistance.
Very Best,

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+1 Yamaha Pro 500.


Simply amazing headphones.

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I'm starting to lean in toward the Dt770 80 w/ fiio andes. Only drawback is the cable, even thought you told me its sturdy, I still can't trust myself. I know there are places that do conversions for static cable headphones. Would you recommend doing this? If so could you guys please tell me where???

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Originally Posted by Habu View Post

+1 Yamaha Pro 500.


Simply amazing headphones.



I think those, and the Signature DJs should be tops here (when taking into consideration the amount of NON-INTRUSIVE bass they pump out and everything else...)

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could someone please explain what the optional limiter on the DT770 pro??

and btw how are the dt880??? compared to the 770's??

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Originally Posted by NirvashUltimate View Post

could someone please explain what the optional limiter on the DT770 pro??

and btw how are the dt880??? compared to the 770's??


The Dt880's are more clear sounding, accurate with airy soundstage. While the Dt770's are more on the bassy side, but not as detailed as the 880's. 

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I'm leaning towards the dt770, but i'm also leaning towards the Vmoda m100 and the Yamaha pro500 both of these mostly because of portablility and because of the removable cable.

CRAP!!! I really wish i could listen to all the suggestions you guys have given me -_- It really makes it hard to choose.

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